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dark horse
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  1. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Model – Indian Chieftain Darkhorse Year – 2016 Miles – 16,734 Tabs – renewed May 2020 Storage – always garaged Fuel used – Premium 93 Octane w/ Lucas lubricant and fuel injector cleaner Maintenance – all recalls and scheduled maintenance never missed. + for a $40 admin fee at North Sound Indian...
  2. Indian Challenger
    This past weekend I conducted a small experiment of the challenger’s ability to maintain a high rate of speed. Early Saturday morning after hitting the twistys I hopped on Interstate 10 just north of Kerrville Tx. For those of y’all that don’t know, the Interstate in that area is big, in the...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hey peeps, New to forum here. Just a quick question about installing a set of Dean Speed 14" low ball 1 1/4 handle bars. Has anyone on here installed a set? pitfalls? do you need cables and wire extentions? I guess thats more then 1 question!!! Thanks, for any insight.
  4. Indian Challenger
    Anyone else having issues with thier update not working with Sena 50? I updated the firm ware and had car play working for about 2 weeks with my sena 50S. Then all of the suddent I cannot get it to work. While unit and phone are connected to Sena 50S the ride command does not recognize the...
  5. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    Beautiful 2016 Chieftain Dark Horse for sale. Original owner with warranty good until June, 2021. 25,850 miles Only upgrades are passenger seat and pegs, Avon grips, luggage rack, Kicker speakers. Just looking to thin the heard. Not desperate or in a rush to sell. All offers considered. No...
  6. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    42 parts total. I attached some pictures but here's a link to an album plus a little 360 video Album
  7. Indian Springfield
    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone here has went from a full fairing bike (Road Glide Special, in my case) to the Springfield (normal or DH). I have a 2019 Road Glide Special and was thinking about trading it in for the 2020 SDH in Sagebrush. Just want to know if anyone has any pros/cons they...
  8. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Can anyone recommend a good (Comfy) dual seat? I'm currently over seas (military) and I'm getting ready to come back stateside. My next unit will be in the country side of Northern California, I've been in that area a few times before, never with my motorcycle, and never with my GF. Her and I...
  9. Indian Dark Horse
    Hey everyone Ive seen so many opinions and debates but yet I haven’t made up my mind yet so I want to upgrade my very stock 111 engine on my 017 chief dark horse but there’s so fluffing out there that confused me the question is what is the best performance-kit out there Keep the 111 and...
  10. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Question about the color indication on the power button on the chief dark horse 2018. When you bower on without having the fob the button suppose to be constantly red. Correct? When you dial in you 4 digit activation code does the color changes to green? Or no color at all? Likewise, if you...
  11. Indian Chieftain
    So i bought the 2018 chieftain darkhorse. I am finding that aftermarket options for pretty much everything is limited. Any good sites for parts? Looking for exhaust, breather, and some comfort accessories.
  12. Indian Springfield
    Hey guys - I just noticed the headdress on my 19 springfield dark horse doesn't illuminate. When I questioned dealer why it doesn't, they said the "limited" models don't come wired and the fenders can't handle the weight?!? Anyone heard this or my dealer just lazy? Thanks
  13. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Indian 16" Apes in great shape. Some rub mark wear from brake line but nothing serious. No scratches that I saw. They've been powder coated flat black to match dark horse tins. $180. Asking price is because they're already powdercoated to match a dark horse. Let me know if you have questions.
  14. F4 Customs
    F4 Customs replacement windshield For Indian Chief; Classic, Dark Horse, & Vintage: DISTORTION FREE! GUARANTEED! Our customer's love F4's solution to wind management for the Indian Chief Vintage. It is more rigid than the stock shield and has no distortion throughout the entire shield. The...
  15. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hello All, I'm looking for a quick release windshield for a 2016 Chief Dark Horse. I'd even just take the hardware! If anyone has any leads let me know. Used is fine with me! Thanks!
  16. Indian Dark Horse
    Is the price of the quick release windshield for the DH constantly going up? I'm looking at the black 16" tinted and it's gone from $500 to $620 now! On top of that I'd like to switch out the glass to a Freedom recurved windshield. Does anyone know if anybody is making aftermarket hardware...
  17. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Selling the following either together as a package or separately. - Gloss black mustache highway bar $250 - Gloss black rear highway bars $250 - Gloss black stock 2018 Springfield handlebars $100 These were pulled off a 2018 Springfield Darkhorse. These are in brand new condition, pulled...
1-18 of 74 Results