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  1. Indian Dark Horse
    Hello! I own a 2017 Indian chief dark horse. I was wondering if anyone has installed Springfield bags on their chief and if they did what did it take to instal them? I have soft bags on mine currently but would really love to upgrade to the Springfield style hard bags. I was wondering if you...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So I rode about 15 mins to work and realized I lost my right saddlebag. I tried to retrace my route to no avail. Called dealership, they stated I was the 4th customer that had that issue. They advised me to call Polaris due to the bags not warranted. I told them, i had the same issue with the...
  3. Indian Dark Horse
    Saddlebag selection or any accessory for that matter is not only about personal choice and money, its also about awareness. The more I read these forums, the more small shops, custom vendors and places I stumble into. So it made sense for me to start listing them. Prices obviously will change...
1-3 of 3 Results