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  1. Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Anybody know what size and pitch these screws are? Can't find them on Indians website. A little odd both bottoms are missing, common occurrence on 111s? screw
  2. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Guys, im in trouble. Couple days ago I saw check engine lamp and lost my 2 cylinder, stop on the road and here what i found in diangostic mode in software: P0302 Cylinder misfire P0363 Rear cylinder misfire Mileage on bike is about 800, ill check the sparkplugs, ingition coils, seems to be ok...
  3. Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    Hello, My name is Tomas and I live in Czech Republic in Central Europe. And of course sorry for my bad English. I am contacting all of you for advice when I am finding a solution for my specific problem. I believe that there are skilled mechanics among you with many years of experience can...
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Question: should both exhausts generate the same pressure when the bike is on idle? Apparently, if I place my hand behind, the pressure from the right exhaust feels much higher than the right side on idle. is this normal? The bike is chief DH 2018 and does not have the rear cylinder deactivation...
  5. Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    Hi I’m looking for front cylinder and piston for a 1920 Powerplus Indian. 2” large valve. Been looking for a while with no luck. Can anyone help...
1-5 of 5 Results