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    2016 Indian Roadmaster Custom
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Mods include 21" SMT Machining V Arm front wheel, Platinum Air Ride, Azzkickr rear end & bags, stretched side panels, Azzkickr seat, Freedom True Duals, Cams, Custom machined exhaust tips.
  3. Indian Scout
    I would go with this (They also have mid controls): From Evil Empire Designs (hat tip to @Tombsmen)
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I don't have a windshield, and I'm not particularly interested in getting one, at least not right now. So I'm thinking about fabricating a flared metal flap of some sort to bolt onto the top of the headlamp nacelle. Just big enough to redirect some of the wind. Just curious, has anyone tried...
  5. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Hello there Just wanted to share what has happened to my Scout over the last 3 month. Had this idea the second I saw the Scout for the first time. Eventually Indian Charlotte came out with their Fusion, but some details were just off for me. As I am living in the middle of Switzerland I need a...
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  7. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    It started 25 December 2016 and today it all came together (mostly) as we are never totally done customizing our rides!:D It should be known that this is a motorcycle I almost sold within the first 6 months of owning it. It was the people on this forum who kept me in the game with their advice...
  8. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Amazing art work Bruce Koch
  9. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Hello again! I'm soon to be getting my biked tuned with the PCV and the Hartzell Intake, now my only weak point will be the exhaust! I was unfortunately quick to jump the gun while there weren't many aftermarket options, and I chose to go with the Stage 1s from Indian. While I like the sound of...
  10. Indian Scout
    Has anyone customized the rear turn signals and license plate bracket and if so can you explain hat you did. I am looking to put on a side mount plate and change the turn signals. I have looked a lot at the LED light strips but noticed some people have created a bracket and mounted lights in a...
  11. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Wow, he has serious skills, looks like a long lost original Indian from back in the days, beautyful. Check the incredible sound and see the beast alive
  12. Indian Chief Vintage
    One of our newest custom paint jobs at Indian of Pompano Beach AKA Coral Motorsports. Cream Yellow over Pearl White Metallic. Full picture thread HERE We'd love feedback from current Vintage owners! :)
  13. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Another custom creation from the folks at Coral. This Vintage has turned out to be a personal favorite of the shop. Retro to the core, Cream Yellow over Pear White Metallic two-tone with full color Warbonnet on the tank. The saddle leather really works beautifully with this color combination and...
  14. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    We went to the Motorcycle show in Timonium MD this past weekend and the Indians were there!! Fabulous looking bikes, and the custom trike to Best in Show (I was told.) Anyway, to encourage those who are sitting in the snow (like me), I figured I would post these beautiful machines for us to...
  15. Indian Roadmaster
    Our newest creation! Full set of pics can be seen HERE We'd love to hear feedback from current Roadmaster owners! :cool:
  16. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Here's our newest creation from Indian of Pompano AKA Coral Motorsports! We painted a 2016 Roadmaster in the classy color combo of Seafoam Green over Cream two-tone with a matching Saddle Brown pin striping. It's been a color combo that has proven to be very popular! Let us know what the tribe...
  17. Indian Scout
    Hey guys, So I was talking to one of my good ol' mates who happens to be working for Polaris in Dubai. His manager wants him to work on customizing a Scout. I offered to help (since I love to work on bikes, and I love the scout, and I wanna help a friend out!). Any ideas and images would be...
  18. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Hello tribe, found some really nice pictures of a Scout conversion. What do you think?? Greetings from Germany...
  19. Indian Scout
    One of our good customers just got the laced wheels for the Scout in black. These wheels came out in the 2016 parts catalog. Thought I'd give some thoughts on the wheels. - They are beautifully finished. The black wheels come with contrasting stainless spokes and the look is very nice. - The...
  20. Indian Dark Horse
    Hi all! Does anyone know how I could acquire a sissy bar like the one in the photo? Can't seem to find one like this for the dark horse. Also, will a sissy bar fit with the black luggage rack from indian?