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  1. Vintage arm rests

    Indian Chief Vintage
    would it be possible to modify the indian brand armrests to fit my indian brand backrest on my ‘15 Vintage Chief? The dealership wanted to sell me the trunk but it is already overpriced (plus the whole spool issue) just buying the armrests and pads is like $500. My wife wants the cup holder...
  2. Just moved. Need a reliable shop in central tx

    Southwest Indian Owners
    I just moved to Central Texas from North Carolina and am looking for a shop that will do some work on my scout. I need a dent repaired on the tank and am planning on going for an upgrade across the board. I just need a shop that knows Indians. what i want done is: repair tank, then paint it...
  3. 12" ape hangers Troubles...

    Indian Scout
    Scout Bobber 2019 I`ve just ordered my 12" ape handlebar. That was the easy part. I`ve a big problem with ABS breake line. Can`t find in Europe any place where the abs lines are availible. Those stock mini ape lines are to short unfortunetly. I know that here`s lot of DUI or solutions in US...
  4. Do you think chopper and real bobbers will ever be a "thing" with PI Indians?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I always look for things I don't need and cannot afford. Lately my flavor has been modern, vintage style, choppers and bobbers. Very old school cool but reliable... That said, there are little-to-no Polaris-era Indian choppers and bobbers, especially on the 111 Platform - mostly on the...
  5. My Pilgrimage to Hollister

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    If you want a Yenko Camaro, you have to get it from Don Yenko Chevrolet. In the motorcycle world, its Hollister Indian. I have posted questions about paint and leather in the Chief Vintage forum. And VERY quickly I was informed about Hollister Indian. So I was lucky enuff to get a load to Gilroy...
  6. Custom Fiberglass Saddlebags for Scout Bobber. Volume 58L

    Indian Scout
    8 month project's finished and tested. The custom version of fully adopted saddlebags for my Scout Bobber: fiber glass made, black leather covered, the total volume size is 58L, the max length of an item for transporting is 24.8 inch (63 cm), more parameters will be later. No question how...
  7. Scout Frame-Swingarm

    Gilroy Indian Models
    I have an 02 Scout frame that I want to use to build a custom. I want the "rigid look" so I want to use a different rear swingarm. Are the dimensions where the swingarm bolts up to the frame the same as all the HD clones or am I going to have to modify something to fit. Can anyone direct me to...
  8. "Indian Motorcycles" Lawn Mower !!??

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    My Daughter sent me this. The photo is credited as an Indian lawn mower. At first thought it was a photo shop job, but it does exist, just wasn't made by Indian. Someone spent a lot of time on it and it looks cool, so thought I'd share it.
  9. Motorcycle Show

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    My wife and I have been going to the NYC Motorcycle show since the first "Great American Motorcycle Show" happened in the 1980s. That first year it was relegated to just a piece of an exterior corridor that circled Madison Square Garden. The entertainment was a movie projector showing of "On Any...
  10. Removed annoying stock license plate bracket installed curved one

    Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Well I could not stand that plate sticking out like that so I found a bracket and installed with my daughter, lots of fun working with her and it’s not very instructional but here you go.
  11. Replaced Scout Bobber handlebars with stock Scout bars

    Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Love my Bobber but just could not lean forward that much anymore so I went to Indian dealer asked about reduced reach bars for the bobber and they didn’t have any available yet so I measured the bars on the Scout and thought these will work if I modify them so I went the counter and asked if...
  12. Custom Fabricators?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Are there any companies that do custom requests for fabrication of parts/accessories? I have a couple ideas in mind and would like to shop around. I'd like a combination of good design, quality products, and fair prices.
  13. Convex Brake Light for Bobber Rear Fender?

    Indian Scout
    Hey friends, I am looking for a brake light for my 2018 Bobber like the one pictured. I've been poking around but am coming up dry. Does anyone know of one in existence? I am simultaneously brushing up on my geometry to figure out how to measure the required angle to see if any of the ones made...
  14. WTB - Stock Exhaust Mounting Bracket - #5257155

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Does anybody have a stock exhaust mounting bracket , #9 - p/n 5257155, as shown below? Got a set of stock headers from a dealer awhile back, and I'm missing this bracket. Thanks all.
  15. 2018 Super Hooligan National Championship Races

    Indian Motorcycle Events
    Has anybody here gone to one of these races yet? My father and I are pointing our Scouts south to Castle Rock, WA next weekend for The Wild One. I am beyond stoked. What could be better than watching Scout and Sportster tracker conversions duke it out in the dirt? Watching custom choppers, fully...
  16. wow very cool stuff

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Until today I never knew of this hydro dipping process - very cool stuff! Hydrographics | Akron | DipWerx
  17. Thuderstroke 111 Carb conversion

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Has anyone made an intake manifold to put a carb on the 111 engine? I am also thinking that some sort of wire harness would be needed to run the brain for the ignition as well? I am seriously looking at putting one of these engines in a custom build and I am thinking I do not want to have to...
  18. FTR1200 Custom Dyno Test!

    Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Looks like Indian has allowed Cycle World to dyno test the FTR1200 Custom and publish the results!
  19. Hand Built MotorCycle Show aka Eye Candy

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    This years event The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2018 Apr 20-22, 2018 | Austin, TX
  20. Custom Derby and Cam covers.

    Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Hi folks, Can anyone recommend a company that does custom engraving? Thanks in advance John PS. If you know of a thread please let me know. My search results came up with bupkiss