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  1. My Dream Bike is Finished!

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Bought my bike in February and set about making it mine! Started by redoing the real leather seats and bags that came with it, and finally had it custom painted the way I always wanted it! I added the beads to the bags and really like the look! I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and...
  2. My Pilgrimage to Hollister

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    If you want a Yenko Camaro, you have to get it from Don Yenko Chevrolet. In the motorcycle world, its Hollister Indian. I have posted questions about paint and leather in the Chief Vintage forum. And VERY quickly I was informed about Hollister Indian. So I was lucky enuff to get a load to Gilroy...
  3. If you're not familiar with Hollister Indian in CA, check 'em out!

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    these guys painted my last Indian. Highly recommended, awesome group of guys!
  4. Custom Paint - your own helmet

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Just a quick and easy approach to laying down your own paint - if you want to - I personally am way too busy so I'm paying a talented guy to do this for me. #1 mask and sand #2 lay down your base color - be sure you masked off any areas that you wanted to leave original paint. #3 mask helmet and...
  5. 2016 Indian Roadmaster (Silver/black) lots of extras!

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    2016 Indian Roadmaster Custom
  6. fall...

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos favorite season! cheers Mike
  7. Indian Chieftain custom toy

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    stage 1 & 2 plus raised bars, factory Indian red seat, klock werks windshield, and a few other things.
  8. Custom order Chieftain, *(& other models)

    Indian Chieftain
    I'm certain I read somewhere, on this forum, that the consumer will have the ability to 'custom order' their paint scheme after January. Did anyone else read this or know anything? *(I'm not sure if the paint options were limited to Indian's current catalogue?) I love the blacked out motor and...
  9. Starr Studios: Stuff I've Painted

    Starr Studios
    Some of you may have seen the work I've done here on the forum on the Black Hills Beast Hillclimb bike that showed up at Sturgis 2015 and some of the forum member's bikes I have done. To avoid spamming with a bunch of posts of my work, I am going to periodically add stuff to this thread to show...
  10. Cream Yellow over Pearl White Metallic Vintage Custom

    Indian Chief Vintage
    One of our newest custom paint jobs at Indian of Pompano Beach AKA Coral Motorsports. Cream Yellow over Pearl White Metallic. Full picture thread HERE We'd love feedback from current Vintage owners! :)
  11. Cream Yellow over Pearl White Metallic Vintage Custom

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Another custom creation from the folks at Coral. This Vintage has turned out to be a personal favorite of the shop. Retro to the core, Cream Yellow over Pear White Metallic two-tone with full color Warbonnet on the tank. The saddle leather really works beautifully with this color combination and...
  12. Seafoam Green over Cream with Saddle Pinstriping

    Indian Roadmaster
    Our newest creation! Full set of pics can be seen HERE We'd love to hear feedback from current Roadmaster owners! :cool:
  13. Check out our newest creation! Seafoam Green over Cream Roadmaster

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Here's our newest creation from Indian of Pompano AKA Coral Motorsports! We painted a 2016 Roadmaster in the classy color combo of Seafoam Green over Cream two-tone with a matching Saddle Brown pin striping. It's been a color combo that has proven to be very popular! Let us know what the tribe...
  14. Sport Custom Scout from Czech!!

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Hello tribe, found some really nice pictures of a Scout conversion. What do you think?? Greetings from Germany...
  15. Wine Red Metallic with Pearl White Vintage - Indian of Pompano Beach

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Wanted to get the tribe's take on one of our painted bikes. We did this Vintage in a Wine Red Metallic over Pearl White two tone. The War Bonnet stencil is a applied by hand in house and really sets the bike apart. We had a good amount of sun today which really makes the metal flakes pop. Let...
  16. The Boss's Ride

    Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Every year for Sturgis we do up a custom Roadmaster for The Boss. The owner's of Indian of Pompano are real enthusiasts and take advantage of this yearly pilgrimage to the heart of South Dakota to show off what we can do. Let us know what you think! 2014 Bike: 2015 Bike: