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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hand made pieces for peeling trim or even a new look for you… support goes a long way
  2. Indian Scout
    Lads, Want to take existing 2017 Scout baffles out and replace with a sports muffler from another bike. It’ll just be a straight muffler inside the exhausts. No other stuff. -DOABLE? -Will it ruin the engine at all? -First pic there is the new muffler going in. AtThe top is the original scout...
  3. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I always look for things I don't need and cannot afford. Lately my flavor has been modern, vintage style, choppers and bobbers. Very old school cool but reliable... That said, there are little-to-no Polaris-era Indian choppers and bobbers, especially on the 111 Platform - mostly on the...
  4. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Hey all just about wrapped up the winter project on my 18 Bobber, hope you guys like.
  5. Indian Scout
    It is finished except that Motorcycles are like Paintings - you never really finish them I have owned it for 3 years (still has 2 years of warranty left) I have done some cool things to it: Traxxion Dynamic front suspension JRI Rear suspension Michelin Power CMDR II tires Indian Aftermarket...
  6. Indian Scout
    Hi All, So I may have caught the modding bug... I am quite capable of making/modifying anything on my Scout however I am at a loss as to what I am looking for as far as wheels. I am after a set of 18" thick spoked wheels however seem to be very limited by the "indian scout wheel" google search...
  7. Indian Scout
    I had David at Osprey @Osprey make me some custom saddle bags to go with my custom paint job - thought I would post a pic or two. I think he did a great job matching things up. Best part is he has a theft proof mounting system which works just like the Scout oem spools but better. I had great...
  8. Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    I have a 49 Vertical Scout plunger Frame. I want to put a later model engine in this frame, but I also want to be able to use the stock Scout fuel tank so I can keep the vintage appearince. Has anyone had experience doing this? I once saw a photo of one with a CB450 engine in it and it seemed...
  9. Indian Chief Vintage
    One of our newest custom paint jobs at Indian of Pompano Beach AKA Coral Motorsports. Cream Yellow over Pearl White Metallic. Full picture thread HERE We'd love feedback from current Vintage owners! :)
  10. Indian Roadmaster
    Our newest creation! Full set of pics can be seen HERE We'd love to hear feedback from current Roadmaster owners! :cool:
  11. Indian Scout
    Hey guys, So I was talking to one of my good ol' mates who happens to be working for Polaris in Dubai. His manager wants him to work on customizing a Scout. I offered to help (since I love to work on bikes, and I love the scout, and I wanna help a friend out!). Any ideas and images would be...
1-12 of 14 Results