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    When I took my MSF course I watched every motorcycle SAFETY video I could find, but I avoided motorcycle crash videos because I thought they’d freak me out and I wouldn’t take the course. I asked my MSF instructor about it in class and he said “Definitely don’t watch them”. ( I think he wanted...
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    He was involved in a one vehicle crash about last Sunday down in Alabama. He's pretty busted up. Sounds like his DH started wobbling on him, and he couldn't keep it up. It's in three pieces. His most serious injury is to his spine. He had surgery, and is recovering in ICU. I know he...
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    Helmet Cam Captures High-Speed Road Rage Crash This guy is so lucky... Think twice and keep your emotions in check...
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    Firstly im a new biker (<30km driven) was in a stationary stuck in bad traffic accelerated when it started moving and seemed like traffic was going to move (traffic signal green) but this carrier pickup vehicle infront of my abruptly halted and i got overwhelmed and tightly held the front brakes...
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1-5 of 8 Results