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  1. Indian Scout
    Just wanted to let anyone with a Corbin touring seat or a Corbin seat in general know to put some loctite on the rear attachment bracket bolts. One of the Allen bolts came unthreaded and the only reason it didn’t fall out completely is because it bottomed out on the fender. Which in turn left a...
  2. Indian Scout Sixty
    My dual touring seat came in from Corbin for my scout sixty. I'm not too sure on installing it, I removed the,screw under seat on rear fender to make it fit , but the passenger seat doesn't touch my rear fender . Is that normal? It sits like a inch up
  3. Indian Springfield
    A few weeks ago I traded in my 2015 Chief Classic for the Springfield. The standard seat on the Springfield (just like the Classic), does not fit me at all, as I end up sitting on the top edge of the seat. Not comfortable of course. The Corbin seat sits you back 2 inches, which made a big...
  4. Indian Springfield
    I've called Corbin several times over the last month and there is zero movement for them to make a solo seat (or any seat) they say that is for the Springfield. Each time gets the same result: "We do not make a seat for the Springfield yet, call us back in a few weeks." I've even asked if any...
1-4 of 4 Results