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  1. Indian Springfield
    I recently purchased some 16" apes for my Springfield, and before purchasing I had a set of stock RM/Chieftain bars on which have a great feel but were still too far away from me. I was not sure what I wanted to try next and looked for pics like this and was never able to find anything...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have recently returned from a 2 week work trip to the area in and around Geneva Switzerland. While there, instead of getting the usual rental car, I rented a 2019 Roadmaster. And rain or shine, that would be my only transportation while there. Happily, the weather only caused me to put on rain...
  3. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Howdy, Other forums I have been on have a sticky thread where riders weigh in on the volume of sound an exhaust makes and ranks them 1 to 10, from stock exhaust to straight pipes. I searched a couple of different ways on this forum but couldn't find such a posting. I'm interested in a 4 to 7...
1-3 of 3 Results