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  1. Indian Chief Vintage
    I've been researching and reading thread after thread on what handlebars will fit the Vintage. I've tried stock, Springfield and Reduced Reach, but still need something more comfortable. So my question is: Do the Chieftain stock bars fit the Vintage? I could not found a "definite" answer in...
  2. Indian Springfield
    I have a 2018 Springfield with the stock handlebars rolled forward. It was a fantastic change while I was still dealing with the stock seat. Now that I have upgraded to the extended reach Rogue seat from Indian, and I'm also thinking about a seat pad for longer distance, I need more rise out of...
  3. Indian Chieftain
    Hi y'all, new here... I got myself a 2019 chieftain dark horse, Comes stock with the rogue seat. Can anyone compare the rogue seat to the standard solo rider studded seat. I'm thinking about ordering the solo seat to replace the stock seat but not sure how it is. Any input would be awesome...
  4. Indian Scout Sixty
    Hi again! Just curious about the 1920 solo saddle seat. Has anyone put one on their bike and, if so, what the comfort like?
  5. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    This is JUST my opinion. Take it for what its worth to you. I recently purchased the above accessory for my new 2017 Roadmaster. While the quality was TOP NOTCH, I was unable to find an acceptable location to mount them that didn't either look stupid, or a location that served any purpose. I...
1-5 of 5 Results