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  1. These are a few of my favorite things

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    Hot cup of coffee after raking leaves in the brisk air your turn
  2. Make fun if you must...

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    but sometimes I'm in a situation to get crafty. Spending time with wife and mother-in-law leads to this...
  3. I have to have my coffee in the AM!

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    If you are like me you have to have your coffee in the morning....and again in the afternoon. :) We upgraded the Roadrunner drink holder with an Ultra-Swivel feature. Kind of excited about it! So many of you all asked for this! This means you can adjust the ring to get your drink to sit...
  4. Goofy videos are our thing. Motorcycle Gift Idea #37 – Drink Holder

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    OK, so actors we are NOT, but we can poke a little fun at our Minnesota humor – OH, and at the moment, select styles of this Roadrunner drink holder are marked down by $10! Motorcycle Drink Holders | Leader Motorcycle Accessories