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  1. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Few days ago while on a ride, the check engine light came on but bike performed normally. After a while it turned off, and after that it would come on and off till the end of the ride. No change in sound or drivability. The next day, the light was off but after a couple min ride came on again...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I'm a little confused over the differences in these. Can someone help? Is there a section in the owner's manual about this?
  3. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hello All, My check engine light came on my 2014 Chief Vintage. I pulled the code and it was 520321, 4. I looked it up and it was a tail light issue. So.... I go to look at the tail light and lo, and behold, a single LED on the bottom row is burned out. The rest of the tail light LEDs are...
1-3 of 3 Results