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  1. Clutch lever is loose and wiggles when I ride

    Indian Scout Sixty
    So I noticed today on my ride around town that my clutch lever kind of wobbles around. I stopped at a red light and was able to move the clutch lever up and down quite a bit and I’ve never noticed this problem before. Any tips or ideas as to how this happened or how to fix it would be great!! Is...
  2. EFM Auto Clutch

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Has anyone had any experience with the EFM auto clutch? Arthritis in my left hand is making it really hard to ride. This unit is a centrifugal clutch setup that you do not have to use the hand clutch but it is still functional if you want to. Just wondering if anyone has heard positive or...
  3. Dean Speed 12" Low Ball Handlebars for Chief, Vintage, Springfield $150

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a brand new still in wrapping bars from Dean Speed. They are the 12" Low Ball with 3.5" pullback. You can see them here... Low Ball 1 1/4" I bought these for my Vintage, but I'm too short for these. They have some small scrap marks where I temporarily placed them in handlebar clamp to...
  4. Clutch shot at 5200 miles , then again at 6850

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Here is something I am have a problem. Think maybe the bike is a lemon. This is my wife's bike ,2017 Vintage with a Hannigan sidecar mounted. She has 23 years & over 300K miles on her own bikes. At 4260 miles the stator went out. dealer went out and got the wife with his trailer. Quickly...
  5. Starter Clutch Scout

    Gilroy Indian Models
    Sometimes when I'm out for a ride and stop to get gas, I get back on the bike and hit the starter button and hear this awful sound. The sound is a little like grinding or something is trying to spin. It only does this when the bike is hot, on cold starts the bike is rad. After some research...
  6. Clutch springs

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have 2 sets of clutch springs, 1 set from a Barnett extra plate set up $35 and 1 set from a Indian heavy duty 116" kit $40 plus the ride. .
  7. Firm clutch issues

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I have been riding a variety of motorcycles for 37 years. I recently bought a 2016 Scout, & it has the firmest clutch of any bike I've owned. I seem to be developing arthritis in my hands, making it painful to operate such a firm clutch. After doing some research, it appears that I'm not the...
  8. Clutch kits : Barnett clutch 7-plates vs Barnett clutch extra-plate vs Indian performance clutch

    Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Trying to decide which clutch upgrade to get. My needs are : getting rig of clutch slipping in 5th and 6th at WOT around 3000-3500 rpm regular heavy WOT accelerations, but not a drag strip bike keep a relatively easy neutral-find, similar to stock if possible would like clutch pull not to be a...
  9. WTB 2017 - 2019 Indian Scout Clutch/Brake Lever

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for 2017 - 2019 Scout clutch and brake lever set. I'd prefer a matching set but I'm willing to buy individual levers if the price is right. Must be willing to ship to Canada (on my dime of course).
  10. 48 Indian Chief - What holds in the Clutch Pedal Friction Pin

    Vintage Indian Motorcycles
    Restoring a 1948 India Chief and can not figure out how the Clutch Pedal Friction Pin stays in. I am 95% done with restoration, but when I tore it down the friction pin was missing so I purchased one along with a new friction washer. What I cant figure out is how the pin stays in the clutch...
  11. Beach Bars / Rekluse Clutch - a lesson learned

    Indian Scout
    I installed beach bars a good ways back. I always thought my aftermarket clutch cable looked like it could be longer but things worked fine so...meh. Then I installed a Rekluse EXP Autoclutch - see my other thread - wonderful addition, BUT, my clutch pull was CRAZY hard. 1 month later I took...
  12. Indian Scout foot pegs, horn and front master brake resevoir and lever available.

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    air filter and air box, horn, footpegs - two pair, shift and brake pegs OEM clutch cable, OEM clutch pack rings/disks. Save big money on a clutch rebuild! OEM master front brake reservoir and lever. SOLD - oil temp guage - very cool SOLD - pulley cover with bison medallion belt cover SOLD -...
  13. Pingle Electronic shifter a Review

    Indian Scout
    I have been running Scout#124 with a Pingle shifter now for 2 months. It is a great addition to the Scout or any motorcycle that you want to reduce clutch use with. You can get on the throttle as hard as you want and it will shift more accurately and faster than anyone can manually. However...
  14. Anyone know if Rivera-Primo has "folded"?

    Gilroy Indian Models
    Have sent several emails and made several phone call attempts to get ahold of Rivera over several days. No one answers (ever) and emails go un-answered. Rumor has it they folded the tent. Anybody know for sure? Trying to get Rivera's # of a replacement clutch pack for my 01 Scout. Fairly sure...
  15. Anyone know if Rivera-Primo has "folded"?

    Gilroy Indian Models
    Have sent several emails and made several phone call attempts to get ahold of Rivera. No one answers (ever) and emails go un-answered. Rumor has it they folded the tent. Anybody know for sure? Trying to get Rivera's # of a replacement clutch pack for my 01 Scout. Fairly sure it's the same as...
  16. 2017 Thunderstroke 111 Parts

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a brand new 2017 Indian Chieftain Elite w/Stage III put on by the dealer before it left their building. I have all the 111 parts that came off to be replaced by the 116ci Stage III kit. Included items are cylinders, pistons, valve & clutch springs, throttle body, cams etc. These items...
  17. Automatic Scout

    Indian Scout
    It's Done EXP Rekluse Clutch Pingle Electric Shifter and shazam - one bad ass very fast scout that you don't need to use the clutch lever or toe shifter to ride.
  18. Clutch Problem

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    45K on 2014 Classic, clutch is slipping, most pronounced in 6th gear. Any suggestion? Replace with Barnett's, OEM?
  19. Very stiff clutch lever pull adjustment ?

    Indian Scout
    I thought I was just being a wimp, but then I had other bikers test it out and the pull on my clutch is super stiff and def a pain in the hand compared to theirs and any other scouts that I have sat on at the dealer. Is there any adjustment down at the business end of the clutch that can lighten...
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    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A