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  1. Barnett Clutch Shaft Arm

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    For openers I want to say that I've found that the Indian Thunderstroke clutch and transmission to be really great. Shifting and clutch action are very good. Gone are the days of banging trannys like the old Shovel-heads. Finding neutral from 1st or 2nd gear is effortless. BUT... I have found...
  2. 2017 Scout 60 replacement clutch lever problem

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Hi all. I tried searching the forum on this before posting but didn't see anything. I just purchased the upgraded chrome lever kit to replace my stock levers. When I tried to install the clutch lever I found that the pivot bolt was too big and would not fit the new lever. The hole is quite a...
  3. Brake lever bolt wrong..bad result

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    So...went to replace the OEM lever with Indian Bronze one. Looked at instructions. Undid lock nut at bottom. No way to unscrew bolt as I think wrong one put in at factory. No slot on top for driver...just a black dome. And it was tight....really tight. Spent 20 mins turning it slowly with pliers...
  4. one finger clutch?

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    My husband has a 2014 Indian Chief Vintage and would like to do something to make the clutch lever easier to move. We have seen advertisements for being able to use "one finger" to move the clutch lever, but would like to know if anyone has installed something and how it worked. I am doing...
  5. Replace or soften the Clutch lever?

    Indian Scout Sixty
    So I've heard the clutch lever can be a little firm. I nearly cut my left thumb off with a machete a few years ago, and now I have nerve pain in my thumb's main joint along with infrequent numbness. Are there any ways to make it a clutchless shifter for 2nd - 5th gear? I've heard of some HDs...
  6. Clutch lever rattle

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I've begun to notice an occasional rattle, usually when slowing right down for a turn. I was relieved to discover that it's merely the clutch lever, which rattles when vibrations hit a certain frequency. At first I thought the bolt which holds the lever in must be loose, but it's done up...
  7. Brake and clutch levers

    Indian Dark Horse
    Well the worst has happened. I laid down my bike rather gently at the fire station which caused the tip of my brake lever to snap off. My dealer says a new one is $250 If I'm going to spend that kind of cash I would like a set of levers in black but cannot find them anywhere! Anyone know where I...
  8. Repair advice shock/clutch lever

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    Hey guys, Had a drive way drop on the clutch side. Rear shock looked a little bent, but I'm thinking that was already part of the washer/alignment problem everyone else has reported on here. I also snapped the clutch lever in the usual place. I've got the new clutch lever and shock. Before...