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  1. Runnin diesel fuel

    Indian Roadmaster
    Since my 2017 is clacking like a diesel I figured I'd used diesel fuel. I sure didn't buy it that way, sounding like that... or expect anybody else to buy it sounding like that so I'm stuck with a $32,000 bike and the dealership wants to give me 16,500. 00[emoji21].. [emoji206] [emoji90] Rant...
  2. Indian Motorcycles Wikipedia?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    My first post on the forums was calling out veteran members for always replying "use the search." Wow, who'd have thought? Except the search SUCKS. Now that I've been a member for a couple years, you do notice a lot of the same questions being asked, over and over and over and... Today I've...
  3. Valve train noise

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Gentlemen: Are any of you guys experiencing any top end,or intermittent valve train noise,when under load and pronounced more so around the 1800-2100 rpm mark after the bike has fully warmed up,and especially on a warm to hot day??? I've now got 4300 miles on the clock and been experiencing...
  4. New/Improved Pistons for the Thunder Stroke 111 Engine

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Polaris changed the pistons in the Thunder Stroke 111 engine in all 2018 models. The online parts calendar for all 2018 TS-111 models lists a new piston - Part No 3023065. PN 3023065 Piston Assembly [Includes: Piston, Piston Ring Kit, Wrist Pin & Retaining Ring] [Recommended: Replace Pistons...
  5. TS-111 Hydraulic Lifters - Cause of Excessive/Loud Valve Train Noise

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Are faulty Hydraulic Lifters responsible for the excessive valve train noise in some TS-111 engines? This noise I am talking about is very different from the “clacking” noise, which a PVCX can usually fix or significantly reduce. And it is much louder than the normal level of valve-train noise...
  6. A Clacker Diagnosed

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    To make a long story short, my '16 Springfield was throwing its rear exhaust gasket (went through two in a year) and had managed to bend all four of its push rods. Not severely, mind, but enough to be out of spec. After buying my bike in October of '16, my particular clack started before...
  7. Engine noise

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    i have a 2016 Roadmaster with 3,800 miles. Taking it in tomorrow because I've developed a noise on the right side of engine. Sounds like tappets or something. Any of you guys experienced this?
  8. Clacking

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    My cheif 2015 has 1800 miles on it &it is relatively quiet with the stage2cams but u can hear it sucking air at the AC .Ive built a few street cars grew up around deisel mechanic shops.Sounds like valve clearance and a bunch of computer crap going on knock sensor and the timing being +or - from...
  9. The rattling is driving me nuts.

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    i didn't say clacking because I know it gets people panties in a bunch. It's driving me crazy. I spent a lot of money on this bike. It has warranty until sept but if the dealer is going to keep insisting it's normal, the warranty is no good. I need to find some Indian owners around...
  10. Engine ticking noise at cam, any others experience this?

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Bike runs great. Me and some friends put our Indians in the wind yesterday. On my 2017 chieftain I started noticing a ticking noise at the cam shaft. I have the stage 2 cams. Is close time for oil change. Has 4,300. miles on it. Did the 500 mile change. Plan on the 5k change. Used All Indian oil...
  11. Serious Q. About Clacking

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Other being an annoyance is clacking an indication of a potential mechanical issue?
  12. Dealer and the "CLACK"

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Took my 2014 Classic into the dealer yesterday to ask the service manager to ride my bike and see if he hears the clack that I hear. He said sure and took the bike into the shop, gave it a wash and returned 10 minutes later with this explanation: He had talked to the area Indian representative...
  13. Official Indian position on Clacking

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Has Indian officially acknowledged that many TS111 are clackers? Does anyone KNOW if they are working on any remedies or recalls. Or, has anyone found the right Executive at Indian/Polaris to complain to? I have spoken the to dealer and opened a "Ask Polaris" case and have heard nothing...
  14. Engine noise 14 Chief Classic

    Indian Chief Classic
    I've searched the site to see if anyone posted a situation like this, so not to re-hash an old topic and couldn't find one so hear go's. I just bought a "new to me" 2014 Chief Classic. Seems it was never Warranty registered, so I have a 1 year warranty from Indian. It has 5000 miles on it...
  15. Clatter at 2500-2900 RPM

    Indian Roadmaster
    Just took my RM on the first long ride from north Ga. to Daytona bikeweek. I noticed that there is a clatter between 2500 and 2900 rpms. Has anyone else noticed this sound and if so is this something that needs repair or is this just the nature of the beast?
  16. Engine noise

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Hey guys, Have a 2015 Vintage with engine noise once it warms up under load. I think it's the clacking noise I hear other Indian owners complain about. Took it by the dealer and the mechanic told me it's the valves making a little noise that goes away with more mileage...mine has 2k miles on...
  17. Stage 2 and valve train noise?

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I know there are many that have had the stage 2 cams installed so my question for you is did you notice any change in valve train noise? Better, worse, same, never heard it before or after? Is the performance gain worth the cost?
  18. For the clackers with non-OEM air cleaners...

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I installed the TS High Flow Air Cleaner a couple weeks ago. I installed the port plug into the side of the frame and then went and plugged the forward aperture so I wouldn't have to clean out a couple pounds of dead bugs by and by (the joys of living in the SE). It seems that it might have...