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  1. Indian Roadmaster
    Since my 2017 is clacking like a diesel I figured I'd used diesel fuel. I sure didn't buy it that way, sounding like that... or expect anybody else to buy it sounding like that so I'm stuck with a $32,000 bike and the dealership wants to give me 16,500. 00[emoji21].. [emoji206] [emoji90] Rant...
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I road down to Rolling Thunder this year with a small group, 3 air cooled bikes and 4 water cooled bikes. Got stuck in bad traffic for over an hour in 100 degree heat. Needless to say the 3 air cooled bikes overheated including mine which started smoking and shut off. Pushed the bikes off the...
  3. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Gentlemen: Are any of you guys experiencing any top end,or intermittent valve train noise,when under load and pronounced more so around the 1800-2100 rpm mark after the bike has fully warmed up,and especially on a warm to hot day??? I've now got 4300 miles on the clock and been experiencing...
  4. Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Are faulty Hydraulic Lifters responsible for the excessive valve train noise in some TS-111 engines? This noise I am talking about is very different from the “clacking” noise, which a PVCX can usually fix or significantly reduce. And it is much louder than the normal level of valve-train noise...
1-4 of 4 Results