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  1. Indian Scout Sixty
    Okay I made a mistake on my bike yesterday and long story short I am searching for the chrome heat shields that cover the exhaust. Indian only seems to sell them in black on thier website. I have looked for used ones on FB or eBay to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Bike is a 2017 Scout...
  2. Indian Scout Removable Gas Cap Chrome

    Indian Scout Removable Gas Cap Chrome

  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For $300 I am selling my mustache bar, with hardware, that came stock on my 2018 Springfield. Indian Motorcycle Company charges $610 for this item new. I am also willing to trade for a regular engine guard so long as it fits my 2018 Springfield and has an undamaged chrome finish. PayPal is the...
  4. Indian Chieftain
    well my ability to get a voo doo chrome bezel for my ac has turned into a bust! mfg says they are going out, 2 vendors of ac are clueless and dont return calls or emails, so i am just going to take mine off and get it chrome plated. anyone know of a good plater in the midwest IN, OH, MI, IL...
  5. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    SOLD: Pinnacle Solo Rider Grab Rail - Chrome (Item # 2879604-156) - like new - $145 (plus $12 shipping). Sold my Bike, so have a few accessories for sale.
  6. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I'm selling my: Stock handle bars for 2018s (clutch cable not included) Stock chrome mufflers (perfect condition) SOLD Stock chrome gas cap and dummy cap Stock black air cleaner box/intake (filter not included) (perfect condition) Chrome Strut Covers (perfect condition) Single Vance & Hines...
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Time to clean out the shelf in the garage. Several chrome parts I have changed to black along with extras I picked up as package deals. All items include reasonable (to me) shipping. Tan Pillion $175 Chrome Console $150 Tan Fringe $35 - Sold Chrome Bezel $90 - Sold Chrome Headdress $75 -...
  8. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have dirty bird front Chrome floorboards, shift peg, brake pedal & rear master cylinder cover. Here are the prices from DB Floorboard 510, Brake 150, shift 60, rear master 88 _ $808.00 . Great condition, less than 800 miles, 9 out of 10. ( yes I know that I have them mounted backwards, I...
  9. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    These are brand new, never installed. Part # 2880896-156 ($499.99) and 2880899-156($499.99) they come with new tubes and rim strips (all you need is your own tires) My dealership had these on sale for $800 closeout for the pair so I picked them up. But I am having 2nd thoughts about the all...
  10. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Have 1 set for sale - off my 2017 Indian Dark Horse - Chrome, 3400 miles, clean, have been punched- $75 + postage PM Zip for UPS pricing.
  11. Indian Chieftain
    The title says it all!, I'm looking to buy a '2880833-156' passenger backrest for my Chieftain, anyone got one they need to find a good home for? I'm in the UK !
  12. Indian Scout
    If anyone has a Chrome Belt Guard for a 2016 Indian Scout, I would be very interested, new or used for a reasonable price.
  13. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $450 shipped. Just purchased these slip-ons but they are too loud for me with the zombie baffles. They definitely have a superior throaty sound compared to others I have heard and back in my younger years, this is what I would have had. Looking to sell them, no tips, and only 60 miles on...
  14. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Selling all my OEM stock parks from when i first purchased my Cheiftain Darkhorse in 2016. Never used. These were all removed by North Sound Indian when i purchased the bike and immediately upgraded to stage 2 exhaust, stage 2 cams, and performance intake. They've all been protected in a nice...
  15. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Im selling my Stage 1 Scout slip on's for $600 obo. these are great pipes and they sound awesome, i only had them on my scoutt for about 500 miles so they're in great condition. Shoot me a text if your interested (631)4800248 and reference this post. I can send you more pictures if you'd like.
  16. Indian Scout
    Hey guys, I don't know if anybody here has put all the chrome or at least a big portion of the chrome parts that indian sells as accesories. The thing is I like chrome and although indian chrome accesories are crazy expensive I have a local shop that can chrome out my black parts very cheap...
  17. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Saw/inspired by the thread and brilliant video by another forum member of making the Indian script pop by painting it. link - New Painting Method For "Popping Your Script" However, the glue stencil method didn't work well for me on the convex surface of the air box or maybe I was using too much...
  18. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    30.00 plus shipping *SOLD* Pm for pics.. -J
  19. Indian Chieftain
    don't understand why the chrome is so bad around the power button? I have had mine replaced 3 times and after getting the bike out I see Indian will have to replace it again. I have a 2014 Chieftain and love the bike. But I think they need to find a new supplier
  20. Indian Chieftain
    Anyone know where you can get the chrome saddlebag trim identified in the photo? I've looked everywhere (online), but can't seem to find any. Thanks,