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  1. Indian Chief Vintage
    I really like the looks of the Stage 1 exhaust with the fish tail tips and decided to get this exhaust before they are out of stock. It's a good thing there were 2 sets in stock at the dealer. It's about a 230 mile round trip to the dealer so I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong before...
  2. Indian Challenger
    I see that there are numerous manufacturers for the Chrome Heel Shifter, but I have yet to find the main Pedal-Shift in chrome (No.10 below). Does anyone have a source (Indian or aftermarket) for something that will fit the Challenger? All of them that I can find say Thunder Black.
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Stock chrome slip ons and all shields from a 21 base. one shield hose clamp and one muffler clamp missing. No scratches or dings. Bubble wrapped and boxed ready to ship. Free shipping to lower 48. Off the bike pictured.....
    $300 USD
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    This is from a day one take off of my bikes chrome exhaust. Has only a handful of miles before it was swapped out for something else. Will provide all items pertaining to its removal. Will take best offer. I felt this was a fair price.
    $400 USD
  5. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Anyone have a line on a chrome dipstick that will fit a 2021 Vintage with a 111? I have seen some from kuryaken that would be perfect, but they all say they won't fit my bike. Is that a typo or will it really not fit?
  6. Indian Scout Sixty
    Okay I made a mistake on my bike yesterday and long story short I am searching for the chrome heat shields that cover the exhaust. Indian only seems to sell them in black on thier website. I have looked for used ones on FB or eBay to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Bike is a 2017 Scout...
  7. Indian Chieftain
    well my ability to get a voo doo chrome bezel for my ac has turned into a bust! mfg says they are going out, 2 vendors of ac are clueless and dont return calls or emails, so i am just going to take mine off and get it chrome plated. anyone know of a good plater in the midwest IN, OH, MI, IL...
  8. Indian Chieftain
    The title says it all!, I'm looking to buy a '2880833-156' passenger backrest for my Chieftain, anyone got one they need to find a good home for? I'm in the UK !
  9. Indian Scout
    If anyone has a Chrome Belt Guard for a 2016 Indian Scout, I would be very interested, new or used for a reasonable price.
  10. Indian Scout
    Hey guys, I don't know if anybody here has put all the chrome or at least a big portion of the chrome parts that indian sells as accesories. The thing is I like chrome and although indian chrome accesories are crazy expensive I have a local shop that can chrome out my black parts very cheap...
  11. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Saw/inspired by the thread and brilliant video by another forum member of making the Indian script pop by painting it. link - New Painting Method For "Popping Your Script" However, the glue stencil method didn't work well for me on the convex surface of the air box or maybe I was using too much...
  12. Indian Chieftain
    don't understand why the chrome is so bad around the power button? I have had mine replaced 3 times and after getting the bike out I see Indian will have to replace it again. I have a 2014 Chieftain and love the bike. But I think they need to find a new supplier
  13. Indian Chieftain
    Anyone know where you can get the chrome saddlebag trim identified in the photo? I've looked everywhere (online), but can't seem to find any. Thanks,
  14. Indian Scout
    Hey guys, Figured I would share my experience. I have had the Bassani 3" installed on my scout for about a month or a bit less now. Dubai is a desert city that sees no rain (we may get a 1 minute long rainfall once a year) and humidity has been VERY low lately. In general weather has been great...
1-15 of 15 Results