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  1. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I'm looking to replace an 02 sensor on my 2018 chieftain DH but don't want to spend 160bux if I can help it. Any suggestions?
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Riders backrest and mounting bracket which fits newer Chieftains, Bracket has all mounting hardware included. Less than 6 months old. Please PM if interested. Shipping is not included in this price.
    $350 USD
  3. Indian Challenger
    Hi All, Looking to buy a chieftain or challenger after test riding both of them for 15 min (exhibition rule in Netherlands). Although the time was very short, but was impressed by both. Appreciate if you can tell me your experience on both bikes for city and mountain road exploration please :)...
  4. Indian Chieftain
    Folks, I’ve got a 21 Chieftain with about 30k on the clock. Here’s the challenge: when shifting into first from stop, mostly when cold but not always I get a chatter from the clutch side with about 1/2 pull remaining on the lever to fully release. Any ideas? One mechanic said maybe clutch...
  5. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Hey guys I have a pv3 on my 18 chieftain, looking for recommendations for ppl who do remote tunes. Thanks!
  6. Indian Chieftain
    Hey, So I have 21' Chieftain DH and few months back both my speakers stopped working. So I took it to a Indian Dealership (200miles away) and after two weeks of testing they found the problem to be some controller or something. Anyways they switch it out, Indian covered it under the warranty. A...
  7. Indian Chieftain
    I am new to this forum and would like some input please. I have always wanted and Indian and thanks to my wife my dream came true last year for fathers day. I have a 2015 Chieftain that has been modified some. Currently it has the stage 1 and stage 2 kits both from Indian. The Pipes are Vance...
  8. Indian Chieftain
    I own a 2014 Indian chieftain in thunder black. I also have a cabinet full of products that claim to do the best job cleaning and polishing my bike. I can’t seem to walk out of AutoZone without some new bottle that makes a lot of promises. I’m not looking for Concours d’Elegance level of paint...
  9. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    This is disappointing. Only a few years old. UPDATE: I contacted Ultimate seat and they are standing behind their product. Ultimate Motorcycle Seats delivers on its promise of quality and customer service. Overall Ultimate Motorcycle Seats is a reputable company that produces high-quality...
  10. Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    2017 Indian Chieftian Limited w/nav & 19” rim - Title in hand and clean - must have M-license to test ride. Open to offers - will ship if you pay for it or I’ll happily pick you up at the airport, buy you dinner and a beer and bring you to the bike!! 16k miles oil change/belt alignment (last...
    $17,900 USD
  11. Indian Chieftain
    Hey, for those that have done it, does the fairing have to come completely off to replace stock mirrors on 2021 Chieftain? If so, what’s involved in the removal process? Thanks
  12. For Sale 2019 Roadmaster

    Indian Motorcycles For Sale / Wanted
    2019 Roadmaster - Pearl White/Star Silver 8,100 miles. Freedom Shields 14" light tint windscreen. Bike is stock. Garage kept. All maintenance performed by dealer except oil changes. I do those at 2500 miles. Not 5000 like Indian recommends. I have the lowers. Prefer to ride it without but...
    $24,500 USD
  13. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Gotta replace the front rubber on my chieftain. Has the oem Dunlop should I stick with it or grab something else? Commander 2 on rear is newer
  14. Indian Chieftain
    Hi. I searched and found nothing about torque specs for the handlebars clamps. Both on this site and in the manual. I even Ctrl+F to specify the words. Does anyone have the number? that would make me very grateful.
  15. Indian Chieftain
    Has anyone changed a fuel filter on a 2014 Chieftain? Looks easy on paper but I’m more interested in any hidden pitfalls.
  16. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Question. 18 chieftain dark horse . Cruising down the road I was in 5th, pulled clutch and cracked the throttle (I like to remind myself of how happy I am occasionally) and it stalled. This a thing with Indians?
  17. Indian Chieftain
    Has anyone or do you know of anyone that has put fringe on (non-leather) hard saddlebags? If you do I would love to see some pictures
  18. Indian Chieftain
    Country roads in Australia in a terrible state. Lots of pot holes, corrugations, tar waves. Experiencing a degree of chattering/patter in downhill corners that have ripples and corrugations . Anyone changed original Chieftain fork springs to Progressive or RaceTech or some other brand? Did it...
1-18 of 113 Results