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  2. Indian Motorcycle YouTuber in United Kingdom!

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hi folks, I've owned my Indian Chief for 20 months now and love it! My wife has just bought a Scout and we're really enjoying both bikes. I'm making videos and short films about our Indian adventures on YouTube, search Dazzle Rebel Rides if you're interested. Cheers!
  3. WTB windshield

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    looking for a windshield with mounting hardware for a chief classic. Thanks Dewon
  4. Anyone else had issues with ECU reflash re-call????

    Indian Roadmaster
    Dear indian owners I just did my first 500 miles services and the dealer used Motul oil and they. did tje re-call of ECU upgrade .. When i recieved the bike it was like a different bike.. I am not enjoying driving it anymore the engine sound is different and gear shifting not the same.. Before...
  5. Disregard - changed my Mind: WTB - 2014 Chief Vintage Saddlebags - yes the old ones!

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Disregard - I've given up - went the 2015 route for my Leather.
  6. What is that smell?!?!?!

    Indian Chief Vintage
    so from the start... I washed my 215 vintage yesterday with dawn dish soap and water like i always do then used bleach white on the whitewalls and dried it with a shammy and immediately rolled it back into the carport and put the cover on it. i come back later that evening and went for a ride...
  7. F/S Chief Shield, Mustang Seat, Fork Bag, US Saddlebags

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Hi all, Selling some things off my Indian Dark Horse . Everything is in excellent condition please see pictures. Mustang Solo Touring Seat w/ Driver Backrest (Part # 79760) $460 Has small smudge on rear of seat, backrest has a small piece of black tape to prevent scratching of chrome. Seat used...
  8. WTB: Chieftain/Chief Black Passenger Pillion

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a black passenger pillion for my Dark Horse Chieftain. Let me know what you have. Thanks people. Ride safe. Ride well.
  9. Went in to have the Vintage reflashed

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Went in for the recall to have the vintage reflashed. She now runs cooler (still hot, but not near as bad), better gas mileage, no more clacking, and she feels like she has more power.

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I go to the garage and roll the bike out to start her up and go to work, anddddddd.............. nothin!!!! I try everything, I'm flipping switches, moving the kickstand up and down, pushing everything. Dammit!!! So I push baby back into the garage and as I'm getting ready to turn the kill...
  11. My first Americade, Lake George NY Experience

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hey Everyone, This was the first year I was able to make it all the way up to Lake George to experience Americade. I was fortunate enough to join a pack of HD riders who I never met personally along with one member of my IMRG. We met at a small restaurant around 10am on friday. I was the first...
  12. Purchasing Inner Tubes?

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Getting ready to order some new tires for the Chief and will be replacing the inner tubes as well. Not keen on paying the extortion fee to Indian for the tubes and wanted to know where others are purchasing theirs. The Indian site gives you the size for the rear tube but not where the valve is...
  13. Kuryakyn spear floorboards, mini boards and brake pedal for 14 to 16 Chief

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Kuryakyn Spear drivers floorboards, passenger mini boards, brake pedal and splined adapters. $275.00. These are for a 2014-2016 Indian Chief. They were a gift for my 2016 Chief Dark Horse. Chrome accents on a blacked out bike didn't look good to me so my loss is your gain. These items cost over...
  14. My Indian Motorcycle Story so Far.

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hey all, Thought I would throw up some pictures of my Dark Horse that I have been enjoying since I purchased it a month ago. I finally was able to find used bags on eBay to throw on it so that I can use it to run errands and commute to work. I think they go really well with the bike...
  15. WTB - Saddlebags for Chief/Vintage (Darkhorse)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Anyone selling old saddlebags from a vintage or chief, I have a 2016 Dark Horse. Looking for black, thanks for looking.
  16. Hello this is Carrie at Mother Road Customs.

    New Member Introduction Forum
    Hello this is Carrie, and the rest of crew at Mother Road Customs. I'd like to introduce ourselves. Mother Road Customs is a family owned and operated business. We been in the leather work for over 20 years. We have made seats and seat mounting kits for Harleys and many others and now Indian...
  17. Seafoam Green over Cream with Saddle Pinstriping

    Indian Roadmaster
    Our newest creation! Full set of pics can be seen HERE We'd love to hear feedback from current Roadmaster owners! :cool:
  18. Exhaust baffle

    Gilroy Indian Models
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and to Indians, just bought my '01 Chief last June. What I am trying to figure out is what part is missing to put the exhaust baffle back in. The previous owner told me a bolt had rattled loose and the baffle vibrated around in there and wore a hole in the pipe. He...
  19. SOLD - Tan Heated Touring Seat (Chief, Roadmaster fit)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Sold I bought a used 2015 Vintage in OCT 2015. It came with a Tan Heated Touring Seat. While extremely comfy, I am more of a solo saddle rider. The bike had 600 miles on it when I bought it and the seat was pulled at 1000 miles. The date of the seat part number sticker is "09/14", so I have...
  20. About Motherwell Products

    Motherwell Products
    Motherwell Products USA, Inc. was started in October of 1994 in a garden shed in British Columbia, Canada by the founder and CEO, Kelly Motherwell. Kelly was a welder/ fabricator in the Aerospace industry and loved to build custom motorcycle parts for himself and friends. The first luggage...