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  1. Indian Challenger
    For those of y’all that want more lean angle, here’s a lift kit. It’s available in 1” and 2”. These are at
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Selling a brand new handlebar from Torch Industries. The bars have never been mounted and are in mint condition. $350 OBO Listed here as well: The Rival bar...
  3. Indian Challenger
    This past weekend I conducted a small experiment of the challenger’s ability to maintain a high rate of speed. Early Saturday morning after hitting the twistys I hopped on Interstate 10 just north of Kerrville Tx. For those of y’all that don’t know, the Interstate in that area is big, in the...
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    For sale: Stock handle bars from challenger dark horse. These were pulled off as soon as I if they bike home. They are like new condition. $75 plus shipping. Shipping depends on buyers location.
  5. Indian Challenger
    Anyone else having issues with thier update not working with Sena 50? I updated the firm ware and had car play working for about 2 weeks with my sena 50S. Then all of the suddent I cannot get it to work. While unit and phone are connected to Sena 50S the ride command does not recognize the...
  6. Indian Challenger
    I know different months have different promotions but most dealerships do $500 or $750 Indian cash as a vet promotion and I was wondering what some used there’s for. I heard some say they brought the base and used it to add nav or heated grips. I’m going into the dealership tomorrow to finalize...
  7. Indian Challenger
    Anyone that's put the OEM Indian trunk on a Challenger Limited or DH, can you tell me if it requires removing the gap fillers? I'm considering one but I like the gap fillers between the fender and saddlebags and don't want to have to lose them.
  8. Indian Challenger
    Has anyone tried the slim rogue seat for the Challenger? I'm 5'10 and can flat-foot the bike easily, but pushing it backwards becomes a challenge, as my legs are so spread that I don't have much extension left. I am wondering if this seat might make it a bit easier? Seems like the stock seat...
  9. Indian Challenger
    I hate riding with an earpiece, but I love the features of Car Play such as Pandora and Waze. I never use the voice features, so I figured I’d get creative. I ordered a mini Bluetooth speaker with a built in mic and a 12V dual USB module. I soldered about 2 feet of red and black primary cable...
  10. Indian Challenger
    Hey all, I know this is a silly question, but just wondering what RPM you are cruising at and downshifting at on the Challenger? I've been trying to cruise at around 2700, upshifting at 3000 and downshifting around 2300, but even at that I'm having difficulty with downshifts. I'm coming from a...
  11. Indian Challenger
    Has anyone put a pedal instead of the peg for the rear brake on their Challenger? I was interested in the pad off a RM or similar, but I see the pedal on those is molded in one piece.
  12. Indian Challenger
    I've read a few posts here and there about this but didn't see a discussion thread, so here goes. Is anyone else experiencing throttle lag on their Challenger? Seems like there is a lot of dead space before the rpm's pick up, like it's a guessing game every time I take off from a stop as to...
  13. Indian Challenger
    I just bought the 2020 challenger and Bassani full system road rage 2to1. Dealership had to take it in and clear codes. I got it back rode it 1 day and threw codes again. Does anyone know if I need to also run the power commander v as well as getting it dyno tuned? It seems my dealer has no idea .
  14. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hello, i have a Sena 30k set connected with my iphone and the iphone is also connected with the ride command on my challenger. this is what i want and i would appreciate if someone could guide me through this. listen to music from my iphone through ride command receive phone (with...
  15. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Have another video for everyone to enjoy that indian challenger sound!
  16. Indian Challenger
    Hey guys, gunna share my inexperience with you here a little. Bought a challenger dark horse, been loving it so far. Threw some tab performance zombie baffles on, and grabbed the indian air intake. Seems like a good step up from stock, but I'm from wisconsin where bikes are a little more...
  17. Indian Challenger
    Post up some of your videos of your rides! Latest one from me riding down PA 125. This thing handles like a dream!
  18. Indian Challenger
    Has anyone pulled off the Indian script logo off the nose of their challenger? Does anyone know if it is mounted with double sided tape or does it have mounting studs? I’m going to pull mine off tonight so if no body knows, I’ll update later.
  19. Indian Challenger
    This may be posted already but when customizing the rider screen, i.e. moving the widgets to desired location, it will not save them. They only stay where i want them until I shut off the bike. Start the bike back up and I have to rearrange everything all over again. Anyone else have this issue?
  20. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking to sell my Challenger OEM windshield. Replaced at 800 miles with a Klockwerks windsheild. Perfect condition, no dings, scratches, or cracks. Will ship on buyers dime.