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  1. Power Plus 108 Common Problems / Issues
    22 pursuit DH premium, says “Adaptive fuel correction bank 2 above normal” I keep clearing this error, but it pops back up a week or 2 later. Has anyone had this issue on their bike? Any solution?
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Stock chrome slip ons and all shields from a 21 base. one shield hose clamp and one muffler clamp missing. No scratches or dings. Bubble wrapped and boxed ready to ship on your dime or local pickup as shipping has gotten ridiculous. Off the bike pictured.....
    $300 USD
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Indian Challenger OEM Windshield. Great condition. On bike for around 1k miles. Buyer pays shipping. List price from Indian is $300.00 plus tax. Price negotiable. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!
    $150 USD
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have an Indian Extended Reach Seat. It is in great condition. Probably has 500 miles on it. List price for this seat is $480.00 plus tax. I am listing for $375.00, shipping included. I am happy to take more pictures or answer any questions you may have. Added some additional pictures. Please...
    $375 USD
  5. Indian Challenger
    Hey all, I am a year round rider in the PNW which means lots of rain riding. I have a new Indian Challenger that is my first bagger. Previously I was riding a much lighter Triumph Tiger. What are thoughts on the Cruistec performance in the rain? I have a 100 mile RT commute on mostly freeway...
  6. Indian Challenger
    Seams like the only aftermarket wheels for the challenger are the BST carbon fiber wheels. Wanted to start this thread to see if anyone had found any other options.
  7. Indian Challenger
    Hi, Im deciding to go for a new windshield in the future. I have the Indian mid 16 inch windshield. In the down position i am just able to look over it. In the up position i look through it, and i ride like that most of the time since it almost keeps all wind away from my head. It barely but...
  8. Indian Challenger
    Hi everyone, Among all the problems i had so far with my bike, thinking the problems surely will stop one day, i have a new problem.. My last few rides i noticed that while riding the battery voltage is showing around 13.7 mostly.. going down to 13.6 and hitting as high as 14.0. I am on my...
  9. Indian Challenger
    I have read several posts about the challenges of connecting the Saddlemen Heated seat. What I have not found is a clear answer on how to accomplish it. I've seen posts with pictures of a mystery plug, or the need for a special adaptor. Is there anyone who has pictures and or videos of...
  10. Indian Challenger
    Hi everyone, What are the horse power and torque numbers of your challenger and with what mods? Here are my results: 2021 Indian Challenger Dark Horse Stage 1 Air Intake and oval exhausts Lloydz Garage CRT-V1 tune DynoJet results: Max power = 109 hp Max torque = 119
  11. Ride of the month contest
    Added saddlebag lights and the adaptive headlight. I ordered the Pursuit on March 12, 2022, it arrived to the dealership (Republic of Texas Indian Motorcycles in McKinney, Texas) on March 23rd and I rode it home on the 25th! The GM allowed me to "unwrap" the motorcycle on that Wednesday...
  12. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    BRAND NEW Indian 6.5" 100w Powerband Speakers. Never fully installed, dealer would not let me listen to them in the dealership, and did not have a bike with them installed so I just plugged them into my Challenger when I got home. I was not "unhappy" with them, I just decided to go a different...
    $500 USD
  13. Indian Challenger
    Have you experienced this? I wanna see how many people are having this issue, here is a video for reference, maybe you've had slightly different experiences? Let me know. You can pick 2 options.
  14. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Here's a pretty thorough video attempting to cover the main differences between the HD road glide and the Indian Challenger for anyone that may be looking at both.
  15. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Well everyone, it's finally here. I remember telling someone this was coming not too long ago. They didn't believe it but here it is. If you don't like the weird stuff the Challenger has been doing, the OEM flash is now available at no cost. See your dealer for this free service. Now get out...
  16. Indian Scout
    So I have a leak on my bobber from the pressure cap. Appears the seal around the fill neck isnt very good. Indian wants $18 for a cap that I have to wait a few days to get but I am sure this is probably a Stant cap that I can get today for less. Does anyone of have an aftermarket number for this...
  17. Indian Challenger
    I recently came across this S&S Cycle - Indian Challenger Air Cleaner Kit, however I haven't found any reviews on It. Anybody have experience with this product?
1-18 of 64 Results