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  1. Indian Super Chief / Sport Chief / Chief 2022 +
    I have a neighbor who uses a front wheel stand on some lockable casters, and slips a small moving furniture slider under the rear wheel. With this he can just slide it over / around the garage to fit even more toys. how do you guys park your bikes up? Do you use a stand for your Chief? Which one?
  2. Indian Roadmaster
    Anyone found a center stand for the Roadmaster without doing the air suspension?
  3. Indian Chief Classic
    Found a masterpiece height adjustable center stand for my 16 classic 1 week ago online. Ordered it, 3 days later it was at my doorstep. Will install in the next couple weeks. All hardware included with simple easy no brainer pictures to guide installl. Will follow up with pics when installed...
  4. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    How do you guys jack up the front wheel, so you can remove it to do a tire change? This is a new problem for me. I have a full size motorcycle lift which is made to hold the bike upright with the front wheel in a clamp. The rear wheel of the bike can be jacked up with a scissor jack and the...
1-4 of 4 Results