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  1. Indian Chieftain, mostly I’m just using this as a place to vent. I bought a 2020 Chieftain that didn’t have Nav stock. I decided to buy the Nav option (modem) so that I could take advantage of Apple CarPlay. I’d read about some of the issues and troubles folks have experienced with the CarPlay on their...
  2. Indian Challenger
    I hate riding with an earpiece, but I love the features of Car Play such as Pandora and Waze. I never use the voice features, so I figured I’d get creative. I ordered a mini Bluetooth speaker with a built in mic and a 12V dual USB module. I soldered about 2 feet of red and black primary cable...
  3. Indian Challenger
    Since Indian decided to go and update the head unit to use Apple CarPlay and not Android Auto. I thought I would offer a suggestion to a few folks on how you can work around this for a quick minute until the next update in July 2021 where they add Android Auto. :D I went to the basement and...
1-3 of 3 Results