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  1. Special offer for 10% off on any item from Captain-Itch

    Captain Itch
    Happy Shopping!!! Larry and Isabel
  2. How I turned my "good" Chieftain into a "GREAT" Chieftain

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Now I know not everyone is going to have the same opinion as me and I know this isn't going to work for everyone. But this is my story about the three things I did to my Chieftain to make it great. Maybe it will help you too. BTW, I'm 6'0", 32" inseam and 275lbs, if it matters... I'll add...
  3. Leather Key Fob holder

    Captain Itch
    Here is a new item that we had some calls for over the years so we sat down and made this pattern awhile back, made a few and they were a hit so here you go. They are available with many different embossings or plain. They all have two snaps and stay very secure to your belt . The leather is...
  4. I'm back in the saddle again...little update.

    Captain Itch
    YAY!!! With my chemo behind and only a few more radiations to go, I was able to go riding again, even if it was only for a couple/three of hours. But man, I was ready. The helmet feels a little lose without hair, but hey, it'll come back. I just wanted to thank you all for being so nice and...
  5. Capt Itch Heat Shield with a Mustang Vintage Wide Seat

    Indian Springfield
    Well, the title almost says it all: I swapped out the stock Springfield seat for the Mustang Vintage Wide (Model 79760) just so I could push myself further back on the bike. Seat works great, and looks good, too. But things started to turn sour for me when I tried to re-install my Capt Itch...