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  1. Thunder Stroke 116 Performance & Suspension
    My bike is a 2020 CDH with the factory TS116". I'm very confused and need some help. In stage 1 you upgrade AC and mufflers and need a tune because of the extra air flow. The Indian stage 2 kit includes 60mm throttle body, cams and injectors. My questions are: 1. I'm being told I can do the...
  2. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Today, I scheduled a date in April with Metro Indian in MKE to install stage 3 cams, and the Arnott suspension with premium controls. PV3 and suspension are ordered...and I've got to say, I'm pretty excited.
  3. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I have a 2019 Chieftain classic. Definitely need louder pipes. Can anyone point me in a good direction. I know Indian offers stage 1 and stage 2 slip ons. I’m not too sure of the difference in either choice or what either stage does to be completely honest. I was also told by the dealer I...
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a set of stage 2 cams for sale. They only have about 1500 miles on them. I had them installed on my 2016 RM in the fall Sept of 2018 and then when I put my bike in storage in Nov of 2018 I up graded to the BBK. I do not have a flash card.
  5. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    Hi All, I recently got myself an Indian Springfield Dark Horse and after a few weeks of ownership I had to start working on it. At this stage I’ve upgraded: - Air cleaner from OTB Voodoo - Indian Stage 2 Exhaust - Lloyd’s 585 cams - stage 3 valve springs - High performance clutch - PV3 tune...
  6. Indian Chieftain
    I’m brand new to this, have an 18 chieftain limited and just bought “my version” of the stage 2- Lloyd’z 585 cams Tab/zombies Indian high flow intake Jackpot head pipe Powervision 3. Bike is in the shop now installing. It’s my understanding that pv3 is the newest but haven’t seen anyone...
  7. Indian Roadmaster
    I purchased a new RM last week from Indian Motorcycles of the Rockies and before I took possession I upgraded the exhaust, the air box, the cams, the windshield, and the mirrors. Now I have all the original parts available for sale. I am posting Indian OEM website pricing with the pictures and...
  8. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    I am entertaining the thoughts of getting cams, and am considering pre-owned ones, or possibly new ones. My question is whether or not anyone has received any pushback with getting used cams installed by a dealership, or had any discussion of used Indian cams affecting a warranty on the work...
  9. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    My Roadmaster is Stage 3 now. Anyone want the Stage 2 Cams that came out? $250
  10. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a take out set of stage 2 cams for tuning purposes. PM me is you have a set for sale.
  11. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I just recently picked up the tool for changing out the Indian cams and the 2 tools that hold the split gears. I am willing to rent them out for cam changes $100.00 I will charge a refundable deposit once the tools are returned to me the deposit is returned. PM me for more details.
  12. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does the engine oil also lubricate the 5 speed transmission ? Does the 100hp engine have different cams ?
  13. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    ILoidz has on there website 2 size cams. MC 585 or IMC 558 cams- what’s the difference between the two? Should the large injectors be ordered as well? Are they superior to Indians stage 2 cams?
  14. Indian Chieftain
    OMG!! Just picked my Chieftain Darkhorse up after having Freedom True Duals, Cams, & Air Filter done. It's a totally new bike!! The difference in sound alone ruined my "bad biker" image because I couldn't wipe the HUGE smile off my face riding it home! The response is amazing & the heat is much...
  15. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I have been looking for a decent video on the Install of stage 2 cams. I looked on youtube and found a 49 second clip that the person who took it didn't even know how to hold the camera. Can anyone direct me to a good video on this? I did find a cam tool, I have to find out the cost of it and...
  16. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    1. Complete stock (header, shields & mufflers) exhaust (all chrome) 2. Stage 1 Black Mufflers with Black Six Shooter Tips 3. Stock Black Mirrors 4. Stock front Wheel & Tire assembly 5. Stock Black Handlebars 6. Stock driver floorboard inserts 7. Stock passenger pegs 8. Stock (Matte Black) Air...
  17. Indian Springfield
    HI! I am picking my bike up this afternoon after a Stage II cam job. I know I will need to adjust my Power Commander. Anyone have a map they want to share or any input on settings?
  18. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    INDIAN at Other exhaust HI- OK Dirty Bird Stampede pipes are off the table. Anybody installed Hacker Exhaust? Hacker indicates their ""AMS fuel control module, or Dobeck's EJK module, both of these modules come with the 02 sensor bypass connectors"" are required. Comments?? Or just go...
  19. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does anyone have a real world dyno sheet for a 2016 Chieftain with the Stage2 cams, Rush exhaust, Indian Performance Intake/Air Cleaner, and Indian Performance ECU Flash? I just had all this done and, man-o-man, does it make a difference! I'm too busy riding to go get a dyno, and was just...
1-19 of 24 Results