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caliper bolt

  1. rotor covers ?

    Gregory Polaris
    Where can one get a heritage red set of Gilroy vented roto covers ????
  2. Front wheel removal

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    Okay, getting ready to take the wheels off to have new tires installed. I have the torque spec for the rear axle and caliper. Can't find the same for: 1) Front axle 2) Axle pinch bolt 3) Front caliper bolts I got the bike second-hand, and the PO managed to not find the manual... Help...
  3. Check your brake

    Indian Scout
    Couple of days ago the lower retaining bolt of my Scouts rear brake fell out somewhere. Brake made a horrible grinding sound at the first application as caliper then pivoted against the disc edge under braking. Once home, saw no evidence of locktite or any sort of bolt locking washer. Went to...