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break in

  1. Indian Scout
    Hi, First off, I’m new here and greatful to have this resource. Thanks in advance for your help. Picked up a 2018 Bobber a week and a half ago. I’m about to take it in for the 500 ‘bend over’. At 387 I checked the oil exactly as directed. It barely registered on the dipstick. Tried it hot, tried...
  2. Indian Scout
    I've read a lot of people say that during the break in the engine will run a little hot before the first oil change. But last night at a red light there was a smoky haze around the bike, engine was around 206F. Smelled kinda like burning plastic earlier in the day too. I'm only at 300 miles...
  3. Indian Dark Horse
    My 2016 dark horse has 350km on it (217miles). Now here's where I might have messed up, I took a ride on the highway for roughly 60 miles, I varied my speed from about 55 to 65mph and did not use the cruise control, then for the 2nd ride I took the bike out for about 120 mile round trip stopping...