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  1. Kudos to Admore Lighting and their Smart-Brake light bar

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Some of you may have seen the other thread that I guess I hijacked, posting about my challenges in installing an Admore smart-brake light bar on my Chief Classic. First of all, this light cannot help but save lives -- I suppose any good light that increases your visibility and noticeability from...
  2. Help with chassis fault light -> brake light shorted to ground

    Indian Scout
    Got a chassis fault light, pulled up the error code (520320, 4) which translates to brake light shorted to ground. Checked and sure enough brake light is not coming on. Question is, are there any easy things I can check to fix it or should I just take it to the dealership. There's only...
  3. Tail light LED burned out

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hello All, My check engine light came on my 2014 Chief Vintage. I pulled the code and it was 520321, 4. I looked it up and it was a tail light issue. So.... I go to look at the tail light and lo, and behold, a single LED on the bottom row is burned out. The rest of the tail light LEDs are...
  4. AdMore Light Bar Install on Scout

    Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    Unplug wiring connector at tail lamp assembly on rear fender, unfasten tie wrap holding wiring harness to fender, unbolt four fender mount bolts and remove fender. Mount AdMore Light Bar bracket with extension ends on top as in picture below, then mount Light to bracket with the license plate...
  5. Tail light/Brake light help

    Indian Scout
    Okay. I'm working on a project, and am trying to get the tail light assembly off. The third nut is behind the large modular connector attached up and behind the license plate. That's a hateful effing location, and I don't want to try to remove it without getting the wiring out of my way...
  6. AdMore Lighting light bar

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  7. LED Lamp Below Trunk

    Indian Roadmaster
    I'm into being seen by the door slamming, cell phone junky, knuckleheads, BEFORE they ram into me from behind. How about finding an auxiliary lamp assembly that fits in the rectangular space below the trunk, above the tail light? At 9.75" x 1.5" it's the perfect place for a nice bright LED...
  8. Tail light swap without chassis code?

    Indian Scout
    I'd like to swap out my tail light/smooth the rear fender on my Scout 60, but i've read searching here where doing so causes issues with the computer/error code and this is a canbus light setup? The light i want to use takes an 1157 type bulb and i see 1157 canbus bulbs around on the internet...
  9. Custom Turn Signals

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    So I hated the OEM egg-yolk-colored, single function only turn signals. Our lights have a constant power with switched ground, so most offerings are incompatible even in the single-function variety. I believe the more lit up you are, the safer. My goal here is to come up with a way to have...
  10. Rear brake wire harness

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hello, I was inspecting by taking the rear fender off (1999 chief), and noticed the wires were all pinched and damaged!! Can some one direct me on how to buy a new wire harness. See photo Thanks