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  1. Indian Scout
    I'm trying to flip the mirrors on my new scout bobber, but the allen bolts at the end of the bars refuse to budge. I'm a 200 pound guy, and I'm practically put my entire body weight onto turning the wrench counter clockwise to no avail. All the youtube videos showing this mod shows that the bolt...
  2. Southwest Indian Owners
    I was wondering, if anyone may have an OEM Bobber Rear Subframe and Fender they would be willing to sell, trade or otherwise. I have a 2017 Scout Sixty that I am attempting to carefully convert a little closer to the Bobber's rear style, which I LOVE!! I was Originally was searching high and...
  3. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Got around to getting a few sound clips of the custom exhaust my dad and I built for my 2020 scout bobber.
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Figured I'd show off something that seems to be fairly unique on the scouts, fully custom made exhaust. The small handful of ones I've seen have been done on completely customized bikes at bike shops. My dad has been a sheet metal worker and welder all his life, and he's damn good at...
  5. Indian Dark Horse
    Hi all. I currently have a 2019 scout bobber and I am looking to change to a 2022 Chief 116 Dark Horse. I’ve been trying to find out the diameter of the exhaust pipes on both, what I would like to do is use the vance and hines slash cut slip ins off my scout bobber and fit them to the Chief. I...
  6. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    As promised to some of you on previous threads, this thread will serve as my sort of “diary” for my rides, mods and thoughts about my new Scout Bobber. All my posts will include a photo (or a few) and my thoughts about what’s going on. So without further ado, here is my new Bobber. I opted for...
  7. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Does anyone by chance know the torque specs for the exhaust flange nuts and the lower motor mount bolts by the foot pegs on the scout bobber (2020) I've seen 15 ft. lbs. For the flange nuts on other bikes but no luck tracking down the bobber specs. TIA
  8. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Goltop The Bobber jacket in size 38. This jacket is truly amazing. It’s from the UK and you won’t see another rider with one. The leather is of the highest quality, or par with Schott jackets. make me an offer. The jacket was lightly worn, the armor never used. And it’s the best armor you can...
    $450 USD
  9. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Hey all, have a couple questions as I work through building a custom exhaust on my 2020 scout bobber. OEM pipes are gone so I have to add 02 bungs into the new. Indian dealership ordered me these bungs in the pics, but they are too thick for the 02 sensor to exit the end of the bung. They are...
  10. Indian Super Chief and 2022 Chief
    Hello all. I took my bike off the trickle charger and it started. Drove a mile to get gas and turned it off. It never started again and I mean all electrical is out. No ride command, no hazard lights, pure dead. I disconnected and reconnected battery terminals. Battery meter says over 13...
  11. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Hello guys! I`m quite new haha literally registered couple of minutes ago. I love motorcycles in general of all kinds but Indian is my favorite brand, and i`m in love in every possible way. I`m up and coming with these types of bikes however and purely from enthusiastic stand of point I was...
  12. Indian Motorcycle News
    Received delivery of 2021 Scout Bobber today 10/08/2021. Stock black heat shield was replaced with chrome which is typically an upgrade. (Although an upgrade which I’m guessing most riders interested in the overall “blacked out” look don’t appreciate.) After speaking with an Indian customer...
  13. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I removed these from my Scout Bobber after 5000 miles because I bought new rims. The rims are straight, bearings good, wheel seals are good. Selling as a set only. $300 + shipping (2 boxes 25x25x11 49lbs each from 95370)
  14. Southeast Indian Owners
    Brand new to the community and the group! Picked up a 2021 Scout Bobber about 6 weeks ago and I am desperate to find someone locally here in Richmond, VA for mods/upgrades, and ideally service. There is a dealership about an hour north of me (Fredericksburg, VA) that I'll be forced to use for...
  15. Indian Scout
    Anyone got any pictures of 12” or taller handlebars on their bobber? I want to have a look and see which I like the best before buying. thanks
  16. Indian Scout
    My Brother handmade this radiator grill for me, think it looks class.
1-16 of 109 Results