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bell helmets

  1. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    XL Bell Bullitt Burnout Helmet, used in good condition. Comes with a clear, and a dark smoke shield. Asking $325 shipped, $460 value!
  2. Indian Scout
    hi there Scout riders, As some of you probably know by now after reading some of my posts, I'm an advocate of safe riding and for me that implies wearing a full face helmet, jacket, preferably with back, shoulder and elbow armor, riding pants, boots and gloves. Now I'm also riding a Scout...
  3. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    Well, seeing as folks enjoyed the last video posting, here's the first one I made with just using the GoPro mounts which were woefully inadequate, but still, it gives you some idea of where I live, traffic and some decent music to boot... As before, clicking the HD will make for a cleaner...
  4. Indian Motorcycle Pictures & Videos
    It's only a minute long, but was experimenting with mount, arms etc.. Click the HD for a better image quality... Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
  5. New Member Introduction Forum
    My name is Andrew Wheeler. I'm a British expat, who back in August became an American Citizen. Originally I was born in Bath in the UK and moved to be with my wife Emily (who died of cancer last May/2015 after being married to each other for 24 years) in 1990. We lived in San Jose until 1996...