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  1. Klock Werks Prairie Bars... GEN 2!!!!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just installed the NEW Klock Werks Prairie Bars and they are AWESOME!!!! I was hoping for a better day to shoot them, but how could I resist not shooting impromptu with a rainbow?!? lol Anyway, After a little minor adjusting to get them perfect for me... I couldn’t be happier 🤗 What I don’t...
  2. Discount on Klock Werks Prairie Bars?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I’m ready to pull the trigger on the Prairie Bars and I read somewhere on here that we can get a 10% discount for being part of this group 👍🏼 Is there a code or anything that you guys might know about? I called them To order the bars and they said someone here might know the code word I need? 🤔
  3. Beach Bars on 2018 Vintage

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Hi all, new to the forum. I have been contemplating changing the stock bars to beach bars. I like the look because it makes it a bit more throw back. I have heard conflicting opinions about them. I am 5 10 with average length arms but could benefit from having a reduced reach. I know Indian...
  4. Wanted: Chief Beach Bars - used, then selling powdercoated Apes

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I'm looking for a used set of beach bars for my dark horse chief. I don't care about condition as long as there isn't any damage. I plan on stripping them and powder coating them to match the front end. Once i have some to put on my bike, i'll sell my Apes that are powder coated to match the...
  5. 1920 Beach Bars

    Indian Scout
    I have read the other threads on the Indian Motorcycle 1920 Beach Bars for the Scout but thought I would post another call for info to Scout owners at large. I’m looking for input as a new rider looking to change from reduced reach bars that came on my bike which was a demo. I’m average height...
  6. Most popular aftermarket handlebars for Scout

    Indian Scout
    Hey guys. at we sell many parts for the Scout. Our beach bars shown here used to be very popular. Sales of these bars has slowed down. I am wondering what you Scout owners are buying. I realize that sometimes my competition also sells product. I personally loved riding...
  7. i think i want beach bars on my sf

    Indian Springfield
    any pics of the sf with beach bars, considering it as it looks more agressive i think..
  8. Klock Werks Bar

    Indian Chief Vintage
    Just got back the Vintage with the new Praire Bars installed. Indian of McKinney (Freedom Powersports) did a great job, as always. Changed out the master cylinder Nader warranty and detailed the bike as well. Looks are subjective, I think these rock. Very relaxed riding position. More miles...
  9. Considering Beach Bars on a Chief Vintage

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I am considering a set of beach bars on my 15 Vintage. I am 6' and comfortable on with my stock bars but really don't care for the look. Does anyone have a side by side comparison photo between stock bars and the beach bars or photos of Chiefs with the beach bars on them. Also any reviews would...
  10. Retro Beach Bars for Scout

    Indian Scout
    Warbonnet is now offering beach bars for the Scout. 33.5 inches wide and they come back farther than stock bars. It allows you to sit upright and comfortable. It tends to make the Scout look even more Retro. I am current using them on my bike and it gets a lot of attention. Check it out at...