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  1. Battery died - engine codes show low voltage

    Thunder Stroke 111 Common Problems/Issues
    Original battery in my 2018 Indian Chieftain Limited died a little less than a year / 2500 mi into it's life. Dealer replaced with new, which I installed per the manual. No go. Checked the battery - full charge. Bike showing the following codes: 168 SPN 1 FMI C1140: Right hand control...
  2. Battery life

    Indian Chieftain
    well it happened, I have a 15 chieftain with 47,000 miles. Pulled it from the man cave and hit the power button and it lit up, then I hit the starter and everything went out. Bought a new battery and all is good now. Thought almost 5 years of battery life was damn good, bike still runs like a...
  3. Battery warranty??

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    i have a 2018 Vintage not a year old yet. The battery is dead, had even the dealer check it. They are suppose to be looking into it? Been plugged in the wall of late. Just too FN HOT, does anyone know how long warranty is??
  4. Indian Motorcycles Wikipedia?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    My first post on the forums was calling out veteran members for always replying "use the search." Wow, who'd have thought? Except the search SUCKS. Now that I've been a member for a couple years, you do notice a lot of the same questions being asked, over and over and over and... Today I've...
  5. Death of a Battery

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Howdy Folks, Well, finally, after 72,000 miles and over 5 years of service the OEM battery on Chieftain #873 gave up the ghost. I cranked the bike up (started fine) Friday afternoon and rode over to Marfa to hang out for a few hours at Planet Marfa Beer Garden as is my custom during the warmer...
  6. New battery to replace the OEM 4011496 Polaris battery

    Indian Dark Horse
    Curious is all if anyone has replaced their battery with a different manufactured battery. The Polaris battery is pretty good but I am in the spot where I am in the 4th season with my bike and I want to replace the battery. I had the battery tender junior hooked up but the plug into the wall...
  7. Battery Suggestions

    Indian Roadmaster
    I will be replacing the battery on my '18 RM before riding season. Looking for suggestion and tips. Thanks in advance.
  8. Finally had to replace battery...

    Indian Chief Classic
    on my 2016 Classic. The original battery didn't last as long as I thought it would, but oh well. My husband's battery finally died on his 2015 Vintage this weekend. I ordered him the same battery as I got. Here's a link if interested. It was recommended by several people...
  9. Battery

    Thunder Stroke 111 Guides & How-To's
    I just replaced the stock battery (3 1/2 yrs old) with the Wicked battery. I got it from Amazon for just under $100 delivered. They claim 500 CCA, it cranked the bike right up with no problem and it is a direct fit for our stock batteries. Time will tell how this one lasts but I am happy with it...
  10. 500 CCA battery?

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I've seen in a few threads folks mentioned putting a 500 CCA battery in their bikes, but searching goole for 2016 Indian Chieftain battery brings up nothing but 270 to 310 CCA batteries. Anyone have a source for a 500 CCA battery they can share? I'd like to get as many cranking amps as I can...
  11. Battery tender and open stage one pic

    Indian Scout Sixty
    I bought the battery tender jr and my bike started, so I got to hear my almost gutted stage one exhaust...sounds good. I didn’t remove the entire cat, I hole sawed 1 1/4 hole and plug too. I added pic of open pipe. Thanks for the battery help on my last post.
  12. Is this the right battery charger to order?

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I know there are many such as the Junior, what are your opinions? I want to hook it up and have it maintain the charge level. Greg
  13. Battery charging with factory cable not working

    Indian Springfield
    I have a 2018 SDH and when I plug in my battery tender all it does is blink red indicating it is not charging. I thought maybe the factory plug might not be hooked up so I hooked up a multimeter to the end of it and I am getting a good voltage reading from the battery. I have a backup lawnmower...
  14. Trickle Charger Connector

    Indian Roadmaster
    I saw somewhere on this site that there is a trickle charger connection under the left cover. Anybody know anything about it?
  15. Battery Replacement time

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I've searched the forum, but haven't really seen anything "recent" regarding a good replacement battery. My 2015 Vintage still has the original battery. After reading so many posts regarding projected battery life, I'm playing it safe replacing my battery at this point in time. The battery...
  16. VCM problem???

    Indian Chieftain
    Went to start the bike this morning, pushed the power button then the starter button. It made a clicking sound then nothing. Dash lights went out and the speedo stuck at 85 and the tach at 3000 rpm. Hit the power button again to turn off. Pulled seat, removed the vcm which I wrapped with a cloth...
  17. I am betting the new guys in 19 get this battery tender. Sounds fantastic!

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I had never heard of these battery minders. Now they are on the Indian website as their tender. Might be a good thing with the sensitivity of the Indian electrics.... BatteryMINDer® Model 2012-AGM : 12V 2 AMP Charger-Maintainer-Desulfator For Optima, Odyssey, Polaris, Yuasa & Other High...
  18. Need to change my battery on my vintage...

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Is the original battery is the top battery that we can put on the bike or is there is other suggestion?
  19. Dead Battery or Starter or...?

    Indian Scout
    Greetings, I have read through all the posts and have tried a few suggestions to no avail. Some background: I bought the bike, previous owner mentioned the battery died fast but kept it on a tender and started fine. I have kept it on a tender since I bought it but only rode twice since Feb...
  20. Parasitic drain-2017 Chieftain

    Indian Chieftain
    Bought a leftover 2017 Chieftain at the end of December, had the Stage 3 installed, and didn't bring it home from the dealer until two weeks ago. Got it home to the garage, hooked it up to a battery tender and let it be for a week. Started the bike last Friday, and it barely turned. Shut the...