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battery cables

  1. Check Those Battery Cables!

    Indian Roadmaster
    While riding the Natchez Trace Parkway through Alabama and Mississippi, my Roadmaster died. Wouldn't start, and this was in the midst of a torrential thunderstorm. Had to get it towed to the nearest dealer (Jackson, MS) but it was Sunday and they didn't open until Tuesday, so I was laid up in...
  2. Service Mgr. - 50% Electrical Problems

    Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    LOOSE connections at the battery. Which tells us alot of Indian riders aren't checking their bikes. If you check your bike every couple of weeks, it would cut down on down time. Just saying.....
  3. Electrical problem battery cables

    Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    Got a 2015 Vintage with 55,000 miles on it. Now, my problem is: I start the bike, runs for 30-45 secondes and stop. No more power. The power comes back 30 secondes after, I am able to start the bike again stop after few seconds, and no more power for 30 secondes. I changed my...
  4. Weird Battery Problem (Worth Discussing To Understand System)

    Indian Scout
    My battery is dying. If I have a misstart (lift off clutch too early, stalling) right after starting, the battery needs a jump to start again. What's weird about it is that it mostly starts the bike, as long as I'm only counting on it starting the one time, and ride it at least ten minutes...
  5. The Chief Died Today

    Indian Chief Classic
    1250 miles. Interstate a 70 mph. 125 miles from home. ABS light came on. Check Engine light came on. Then it lost all power. Then it died and shut down. I was able to coast up the off ramp of my dealer. It would not restart. It just turned over. Shut it off and back on and it started. Made...
  6. Tin Your Cables

    Indian Scout
    When fooling with the battery, couple weeks back, I noticed the ground terminals were crimped on the ends of a thin-stranded cable, like so: You can see the strands either side are not crimped down. Nor are the strands in the center all in direct contact with the terminal. Cold weather prolly...