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  1. Bassani 2 into 1 throwing codes

    Indian Challenger
    I just bought the 2020 challenger and Bassani full system road rage 2to1. Dealership had to take it in and clear codes. I got it back rode it 1 day and threw codes again. Does anyone know if I need to also run the power commander v as well as getting it dyno tuned? It seems my dealer has no idea .
  2. Advice on Power Commander install

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Hey all, I am sure this has been covered on here feel free to berate me for asking. I just purchased a 2018 Scout Sixty and the first thing I am doing is replacing the exhaust with the Bassani 2 into 1 (in the process of installing now). I was also debating putting the Trask high...
  3. Aftermarket exhaust recommendations for 2018 Roadmaster

    Indian Roadmaster
    Looking for advice from owners who have replaced the stock exhaust with aftermarket pipes, air filter and/or fuel commanders. Stage 1 doesn't seem loud enough, Bassani looks great, but the price is ridiculous ! I've heard Vance and Hines, they sounded pretty good, but just not sure yet. I'm...
  4. FS: Bassani Slip Ons Scout $400

    Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a set of Black Bassani Slip Ons for sale, the fiberglass has been removed. The tips are indexible. Pics can be seen here, I can sell through here or ebay. Bassani Black Classic 3" Slash Cut Slip On Mufflers Exhaust Indian Scout 15-16
  5. Bassani 3in black slash cut slipon

    Indian Scout Sixty
    Thinking of putting these on my new bike. Any opinions?
  6. Bassani Slip-on Mufflers - RUST

    Indian Scout
    Hey guys, Figured I would share my experience. I have had the Bassani 3" installed on my scout for about a month or a bit less now. Dubai is a desert city that sees no rain (we may get a 1 minute long rainfall once a year) and humidity has been VERY low lately. In general weather has been great...
  7. New Bassini Slash Cut Slip-ons - First Impressions

    Indian Scout
    Just installed the chrome version of the Bassani slash-cut slip-on and thought I would share initial impressions. Pros: Impeccable build quality. They are really beautifully made, solid as all get-out. The chrome is immaculate, and everyone I have shown them to says they look great. The end...
  8. Bassani Stage 1 Kits- Bassani Exhaust w/ EJK fuel controller

    Dobeck Performance
    Our Stage 1 kits for the Indian Scout include the Bassani exhaust of your choice and our EJK fuel solution. These kits have been tested on our Axis Dyno to provide an optimal EJK tune up for your exhaust. Bassani Exhaust Stage 1 Kit -CHROME 2 into 1 Full Exhaust w/ Short or Long Megaphone...