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  1. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I am trying to find some images of the +8 or +10 Apaches on a Chieftain. All of the Apache pics I can find are the +6. If anyone has and could share an image or two I would be very appreciative!
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Brand new condition; never used. Absolutely no nicks, dents, scratches, bends, etc. Had dealer install reduced reach bars before I even picked up my 2017 Scout69. These OEM bars have been hanging on the barn wall since day one. Time to sell. $75 (US) + shipping, OBO.
  3. Indian Challenger
    Hey Everyone, Ive been lucky enough to have owned a good number of different Indian bagger/touring models since 2015 (Springfields, Chieftians and Chieftain Limiteds etc..) I have had many different configurations with all the bikes however, this would be a first time thinking of swapping out...
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I recently traded my 16 Springfield for a Roadmaster so have some things I need to sell. All items located in Vicksburg, Mississippi, will meet or ship at buyers expense. ‘19 Roadmaster seat with Russell Day Long mod on front portion only. I have about $1300 in this seat. Price is $800 +...
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Does anyone know what aftermarket apes (16") will fit on the 2018 Indian Chief Vintage? Carlini? L.A. Choppers? Wild 1's?
  6. Indian Springfield
    I recently purchased some 16" apes for my Springfield, and before purchasing I had a set of stock RM/Chieftain bars on which have a great feel but were still too far away from me. I was not sure what I wanted to try next and looked for pics like this and was never able to find anything...
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I have a brand new still in wrapping bars from Dean Speed. They are the 12" Low Ball with 3.5" pullback. You can see them here... Low Ball 1 1/4" I bought these for my Vintage, but I'm too short for these. They have some small scrap marks where I temporarily placed them in handlebar clamp to...
  8. Indian Chief Vintage
    I've been researching and reading thread after thread on what handlebars will fit the Vintage. I've tried stock, Springfield and Reduced Reach, but still need something more comfortable. So my question is: Do the Chieftain stock bars fit the Vintage? I could not found a "definite" answer in...
  9. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Anyone just happen to have a set of 16"(ape hangers) bars that would fit on a "16 Springfield? Maybee even 14" bars if you got em. let me know with a price Thanks for looking, Jeff
  10. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking to see if anybody has a set of takeoff Springfield handlebars. Trying to find something more comfortable for my vintage. I had a set of Springfield bars once, but they bothered my wrist. I'm thinking I didn't give it enough time trying them out (different positions up/down). I...
  11. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Ok, so I've searched out great forum until I'm cross and blurry eyed. All that I'm able to find are threads on Indian brand bars, nothing really aftermarket. So I called Wild 1,they manufacture the "Chubby" bars, and they told me they don't make bars for Indians. The reason why is due to the...
  12. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I'm looking for handlebars for my 2018 Springfield Dark Horse, but just realized since the controls changed, that maybe the mounting area on the handlebars are different too? Does anybody know if the older bars with work on the 2018's? Thanks.
  13. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Traded Scout in for a Chieftain, have these extra parts: NEWLY ADDED: brake pad set (front&rear) new in box, $100 shipped tan tank bag, $75 Indian tall windshield (Plastic only - no mounting hardware), $100 tan touring passenger seat, $150 SOLD passenger pegs, $80 SOLD chrome crash...
  14. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Anyone have experience with these grips? I'm looking for something with a wider diameter than stock. I tried the Indian leather grip covers, but did not like them. Indian Air GEL Chrome Grips
  15. Indian Scout
    So I'm getting ready to swap bars (for the factory 1920) and somewhat dreading the removal of the grips from the stock bars to reinstall on the new ones. Any advice? Tips from others who've been there? Just buy a new set of grips? Big thanks for any and all ideas.
1-15 of 15 Results