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  1. Indian Scout
    Hey everyone. I’m new to the Indian world, so forgive me if someone has already answered this question. Has anyone found a bag that fits in this location seen in the pic? I have found a storage solution on Etsy (see pic), but it is a metal storage container that is formed in the same shape as...
  2. Indian Chieftain
    I picked up the Full Size Indian Touring bag today. It’s supposed to go on the passanger seat but i kinda like it on the luggage rack. Being that it’s Indian branded, it is a little expensive. But for the price its a really nice, feature rich, high quality bag. I might turn it around and see...
  3. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    So, I've been thinking about getting a mid-sized trunk for my Chief...something that holds enough (handheld air compressor, tire plug kit, essential tools, maybe a few convenience odds and ends, etc), but nothing like the one from the post quoted below. The two I'm currently considering are the...
  4. Indian Roadmaster
    Lots of discussion about bag liners but I am interested in bag covers. I made up a set from a fairly heavy material and I rode them to Dallas and back and I was pretty happy with the result - kept the rain and road grime away just fine. Anybody know if someone is making these?
  5. Women Who Ride
    Hello Ladies, If any of you ride the bobber and struggle with the thought of paying $300+ for a bag that fits, this might be an optio n for you. Indian currently has a women's crossbody handbag for $119. I rigged it to quick release from the fender using L brackets and S Biners. Love that I...
  6. Indian Scout
    Hello Tribe, a new bag series will come from Hepco Becker next spring. It´s called legacy. I find them very classy. Here´s the link: Be Legacy - Kollektion Scroll down and you´ll find an english description. What do you think?? Greetings from germany...
1-6 of 6 Results