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  1. Indian Challenger
    Iv been searching with no luck but does anyone whos roughly 5’7-8 29” inseam chime in and let me know if a backrest is worth it for a challenger? -can you actually lean on it for support? -OEM or grasshopper? -or just switch for aftermarket seat with rest on it? thank you in advance!!
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $1200 950 OBO Genuine Indian leather heated touring seat, 12" sissy bar, and backrest. Luggage rack is aftermarket (I like the shape better than the Indian one) but I have the Indian plugs for the holes also. I'd love to sell this all as a package deal. I am however willing to do it piecemeal so...
    $950 USD
  3. Indian Pursuit
    I’ve ordered a ‘23 Pursuit DH w/premium and waiting on delivery. I had a spinal fusion in my lower lumbar in February so I started thinking a backrest would be a smart thing to consider. I looked at the Indian site but TBH, I’m not into the “studded” look. Anyone have other good...
  4. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Anybody want to sell an Indian Sissy Bar? Black, I can pay any way you'd like and I'm located in Douglassville PA for shipping. Looking for a sweet deal 🤝!
  5. Indian Challenger
    Does anybody know if they have redesigned the "spools" for the quick-release sissy bar yet? These plastic bushing things are pathetic and slide all over the place. The backrest has actually contacted the fender a few times and is making a mark on the paint. It's installed correctly, just doesn't...
  6. Indian Scout
    I want to share the Black Friday shopping joy. Here you go our 20% OFF site-wide. Get your sissy bar on Use code 'BLACKFRIDAY' at checkout. I ship worldwide. Indian Scout, Scout Sixty sissy bar passenger backrest
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    I am selling a Mustang Standard Touring Solo Seat with Driver Backrest, with upgraded stitching, for an Indian Scout. I have put only a few hundred miles on this seat. It has never been out in the rain, and it's either been on the bike under a shelter, or in my house when not being used. Please...
    $400 USD
  8. Vendor Deals
    Hurry!!! Get your sweet-looking sissy bar, and luggage rack for your Indian motorcycle before the witches take all your pumpkins. Use code 'HALLOWEEN' to Take $50 OFF your order now on We ship worldwide. Offer expires on October 31, 2022. We offer 13", 18", 24" and even...
  9. Indian Scout Sixty
    You can't go wrong with this stylish sissy bar yet it's also functional to provide comfort and support for your favorite passenger. An optional detachable black backrest pad can be mounted without screws drilled into the sissy bar. Take the pad off to give the sissy bar a clean look when you go...
  10. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    So I picked up (ordered actually) a "knock off" backrest for the big boy Indians (ts and chall.). This thing is IDENTICAL to the OEM one. It's from Eagle Skull. Their website and ebay pages seem a little sketchy, cause they don't English good apparently. But I'm impressed. Will be using it with...
  11. Indian Challenger
    Hi all! I’m trying to locate a backrest (surprise gift) for my hubby’s 2020 challenger dark horse- but hopefully looking to avoid the 900$+ price tag for the rest and pad (looking for 12-14 inch!) I’m slightly confused with what I’m reading- it seems that the fits of many of the bikes are...
  12. Indian Chieftain
    I just finally got the Chieftain Classic I've been wanting for a year. Now I'm trying to determine the best set-up for touring. I'm coming from a Deluxe that was set up with large custom saddlebags and cavernous tour pak. I'm looking for ideas/examples (pictures please) of what others have...
  13. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    Had anyone had any experience with these backrests? I found a video for one on YouTube the other day by accident. /2/"]QUICK DETACH BACKREST INDIAN
  14. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    I have a 2018 Springfield with the extended reach Rogue seat and would like a backrest. I did a couple quick searches on this forum and didn't turn up anything. Does anyone know if installing a backrest with an extended reach seat is possible? The backrest mount provided by Indian only claims...
  15. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Anyone have any experience with this backrest? I am thinking about ordering one soon. Plug-In Driver Backrest + Mounting Kit For Indian Chieftain Roadmaster 14-18 UE | eBay
  16. Gilroy Indian Models
    Just got an 03 Scout and its absolutely beauts, but I do a lot of riding with my daughter and would like to put a backrest on it,,, turns out aftermarket for them is non-existent. Anyone have one they would sell or any clues where to look? Thanks!
  17. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Have you cut a slit in the drivers seat flap? I really hated the exposed velcro and foam you can see when the backrest is installed. Please chime in if you did
  18. Indian Chief Vintage
    Hello all, I'm a new member and new to the brand. I am hoping to find a trunk and backrest combo for my '17 Vintage that won't break the bank. I've seen Indian's offering, but I can't justify the price. I've also seen the Thunder Trunk from Indian Aftermarket as advertised on this forum...
1-18 of 25 Results