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  1. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    $100 plus shipping Like new cam cover fits 116 and I think 111 motors. Selling because I Replaced the whole factory cam over with an Audette cover Only had it installed for a few months These are sold out everyone and retail for $180-200
  2. West Coast Indian Owners
    Did not see any reference to the passing of noted designer and builder Arlen Ness on this site. The family is holding a memorial service at the CrossWinds Church in Livermore, California followed by a ride to his dealership this coming Saturday the 27th starting at 10:30 till 4:00. I'll be...
  3. Indian Scout
    Hey everyone. Just wanted to post some images of the pully cover. I much rather prefer the look of the bike without a cover. However, having the cover on has instilled a bit more confidence while riding the bike. Install is super easy however, the cover is only mounted using 3 out of 4 holes. I...
  4. Indian Scout
    So, its been a while and im not sure what research i did originally.... but ive ordered some new footpegs for my scout bobber, because the factory rubber is starting to wear pretty badly on my current pegs. I got the arlen ness knurled fusion foot pegs and they’re currently sitting in a box...
  5. Thunder Stroke 111 Performance & Suspension
    I have a 2017 chieftain. In addition to the reach seat, I was given three options to lower it in hopes of flat footing it. 1. Adjustable shock 2. Lowering link 3. Air ride Option 3 not in the budget I went with option 1 the Arlen Ness adjustable shock preload to the shortest and 0...
  6. Indian Scout Performance & Suspension
    Good day beautiful, helpful, and awesome people of the forums! I have been busy putting on kms on the bike (yes, kms here!) and enjoying the hell out of this awesome ride. I had decided to take a nap on the mods until I had more aftermarket options come up for me to continue the march to making...
  7. Indian Scout
    Like the title ask has any one done this install, I am really curios on the height adjustment the new rubber mounts make on the tank. I am leaning towards purchasing this intake system over the Trask this is the reason I am asking you folks.
1-7 of 8 Results