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  1. Motorcycle Riding Gear & Accessories
    The Indian 12-in ape hangers are too short and the 16 inch are too tall. Now looking for recommendations for a 14-in ape hanger that fits my 2018 Springfield Dark Horse.....GO!....THANKS
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I am trying to find some images of the +8 or +10 Apaches on a Chieftain. All of the Apache pics I can find are the +6. If anyone has and could share an image or two I would be very appreciative!
  3. Indian Scout
    Hi All, I'm wondering if i get some reduced reach bars and tilt them up a bit, how they will compare with my 10" apes. I'm finding myself with shoulder and neck ache whilst I ride with my apes, and I feel like if those bars were towards my body another 2" it would relax my shoulders quite a...
  4. Indian Scout
    I just bought FMB Hells Gate handlebars for my Bobber. I HAVE ABS. FMB recommends +2” cables. Are all cables made the same? How do I go about finding the correct ones that will fit my bike? Where do I find the plug and play electrical wiring extender so I don’t have to solder more wire in...
  5. Indian Scout
    Trying to decide between FMB Choppers 10" Blazed ape hangers or the Dean Speed Low Ball 1 1/4" bars. Differences I see are pullback: FMBs have 8" and Dean Speed has 3.5". Both are 1 1/4 tubing. FMB has bar-end bungs for mirrors, DS doesn't specify. FMB mentions blazed, DS doesn't. Any...
  6. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I'm looking to get the FMB 12 inch Hells gate ape hangers for my bike I'm wondering if anyone knows how long the brake line I will need and if the ABS Universal DOT brake lines from Magnum Shielding would work? I have the 2019 Indian Scout Bobber with ABS. Any tips would be appreciated thanks.
  7. Indian Scout
    Scout Bobber 2019 I`ve just ordered my 12" ape handlebar. That was the easy part. I`ve a big problem with ABS breake line. Can`t find in Europe any place where the abs lines are availible. Those stock mini ape lines are to short unfortunetly. I know that here`s lot of DUI or solutions in US...
  8. Indian Scout
    Hello everyone, I have already changed out my factory handlebars for the Indian 10" mini apes. It was a pain in the butt however doable for any garage mechanic. I bought all the supplies from the local Indian shop. Now the question is, are brake lines and clutch lines all the same besides the...
  9. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Hey gang, I was hoping that somebody in here can help me out. I’m looking at installing some 14” Spike Bend Ape Hangers from FMB on my Bobber. I would like to know what I’ll need to extend the clutch and brake cables on the ABS model. Indian has a kit that is coming out, but won’t be...
  10. Indian Scout
    Hi everyone, The question I have is concerning upgrading my stock handlebars to 10" ape hanger handlebars. Reluctantly, the local dealership is now admittingly willing/capable to do this in their service shop. When first purchased the bike they said it could not be done except on the standard...
  11. Indian Motorcycle Builds
    Well, I have finally ante'd up and ordered RC Components 4' slip-on with the Gatlin Chrome tips ($599) and the Mid Rise Ape bars that include the extended clutch cable ($349) and the extended brake cable ($159). I should receive them in a week or so and I will post pics of the process. I...
1-11 of 11 Results