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  1. Indian Challenger
    Purchased Carlinkit 4.0 model CPC200-CP2A that supports CarPlay & Android from Amazon. Discovered that it would not function with the February 2023 RC update. Searched the forums here and some people said to replace the USB cables and others said to roll back to the November 2021 update. First...
  2. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 running Android 11. When I plug my phone into the USB plug in the right pocket on the fairing of my 2020 Challenger DH it restarts. I've tried 3 different cables and it restarts within 30 secs of plugging it in. The bike is running RC version MHS7A9.M12109A...
  3. Indian Chieftain
    I have a 2020 Chieftain Darkhorse. When I plug my Samsung S21 into the USB in the glove box, my phone shuts down. It restarts and then shuts down again. It just keeps doing this cycle until I unplug it. Is this happening to anyone else? I was able to download my Ride Command map to my bike via...
  4. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    2018 Chieftain Elite and Samsung Note 10, plays great via Bluetooth, but can't find apps when connected with USB. I need to use my Bluetooth for another function and want to listen to music apps via the USB. Help?
  5. Indian Challenger
    Since Indian decided to go and update the head unit to use Apple CarPlay and not Android Auto. I thought I would offer a suggestion to a few folks on how you can work around this for a quick minute until the next update in July 2021 where they add Android Auto. :D I went to the basement and...
  6. Indian Roadmaster
    Hi guys. I'm going to be renting a Roadmaster to take to Sturgis next week and I want to be able to play music from my Iphone 6 on the ride. I understand that there is a USB port of some sort on the bike that you can use to play music through but I figured that was for Android devices only...
1-6 of 6 Results