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air horns

  1. BuffaloBrand.Co
    BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn System is officially Patented! :)
  2. BuffaloBrand.Co
    Installation video of our Patent Pending BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn System being installed on a 2016 Indian Springfield 150th Anniversary Jack Daniels by American Custom Engineering, LLC.
  3. BuffaloBrand.Co
    BUFFALOBRAND.CO Air Horn Systems - Videos 8" Air Horn System 15" Air Horn System
  4. RIVCO Products
    We are talking about your bike! Right now, get free shipping for all Indian Forum members by using the coupon code “indian” at checkout. Spring is just around the corner so get your wife some flowers and get your mistress something she looks great with. This deal runs through valentine’s day...
  5. Parts for Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a two- tone, high/low, double air horn set for a '16 Indian Chief, Vintage. Gotta have install directions and guarantee that it'll fit and work properly.
  6. Indian Chief Vintage
    G'day from OZ ( Australia ) guys I'd really like to fit a LOUD Klaxon horn ( or some air horns ) to my 2013 Vintage Chief ..... but I'd like to find out : A) Is this possible ( given the complexities of the Can-Bus wiring system ) and B) Do I need some sort of "isolator" as well as a...