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  1. Indian Scout
    I am selling my nearly new ( <100 miles) air intake for a 2016 Indian Scout. There is no damage, dents, or scratches to the unit -- please see pictures below. Thanks!
  2. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I just get done riding 2-3 hundred miles and my left side cover is always covered in oil. The dealer says it's Crankcase Blow-By, and it's normal (oil checked, level and hot, just above the add, dealer says he put in 5.5Qts, no more/no less). Also said that as I have hi-flow air cleaner...
  3. Gilroy Indian Models
    i have a 2002 Gilroy Chief Roadmaster 100 Power Plus engine. When my left foot is resting in the proper position on the floor board the inside of my knee rubs against the breather housing. After about 10 miles it begins to hurt so I have to awkwardly position my foot with my toes pointing out...
  4. Indian Chief Classic
    Hi all, yesterday just got my Chief Classic and within 30 min. I asked the dealer to try to remove the 111 plate to see if what I was reading here in the forum was true. Indeed after removal, a perfect engraved Indian script logo appeared! So now up to the next modifications.... Cheers,
1-4 of 4 Results