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  1. PVCX: Tuning Stage 1 Chief

    Thunder Stroke 111 Guides & How-To's
    Looking at the VE Correction Table, I am wondering how to get into higher load to populate those cells. Looking at the VE Compare Table, I am wondering if more datalogging is required to fine tune. Input is welcome.
  2. Bassani Stage 1 Kits- Bassani Exhaust w/ EJK fuel controller

    Dobeck Performance
    Our Stage 1 kits for the Indian Scout include the Bassani exhaust of your choice and our EJK fuel solution. These kits have been tested on our Axis Dyno to provide an optimal EJK tune up for your exhaust. Bassani Exhaust Stage 1 Kit -CHROME 2 into 1 Full Exhaust w/ Short or Long Megaphone...
  3. EJK Fuel Controller Information

    Dobeck Performance
    Use this thread to post questions and comments about the EJK fuel solution. Below are links to EJK information for the Indian Scout EJK fuel controllers for Indian Motorcycles Installation of EJK on Indian Scout EJK for Indian Scout Product Page This page includes: Recommended EJK Base...