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  1. Indian Scout
    I've noticed on my 2020 Scout that after the bike is started, the ABS light on the speedo is on. The light stays on until the bike starts moving. Once it kicks off the ABS light stays off. The brakes seems to function normally as far as I can tell. Is this normal behavior for the ABS light...
  2. Indian Scout Sixty
    So the garage showed my rear abs has an issue and we went with a new sensor. After fitting the new sensor the bike was fine and the light disappeared when riding. strangely the light came back on after a few runs down the road.? I’m going to see tomorrow if it works again while riding to work...
  3. Indian Scout
    Hey Everyone, I got new bars and the stock brake line just barely reaches, but is under tension at full lock. I wanted to see how I could install my longer brake line to make sure it wont put unnecessary strain on the connections. I have a 2020 Scout ABS and the brake line goes to the ABS...
  4. Indian FTR1200
    Finally got around to wiring up an ABS switch for my base model 2019 FTR 1200. There are a number of ways to go about doing this, the way I'm doing it is probably the simplest and a fairly typical solution for bikes with non-switchable ABS. This will, of course, cause your ECU to throw a few...
  5. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    I will soon receive an inner tube for my Indian Chief Vintage rear tire, and will be able to get the rear wheel back together and on the bike. Could someone with a service manual please provide the torque specs for the ABS wheel and brake rotor bolts? Gratefully, Kronker
  6. Indian Scout
    Anyone else have a problem with their 2018 Scout ABS brakes? My rear brakes failed on a 6 month old bike. Cylinder leaked and pedal stayed floored. Not the level of quality I was expecting when I made my purchase. . .
  7. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    Guys, So I am trying to change the handlebar from stock to reduced reach. In doing so I need to change the clutch and brake line too. Now after removing fuse box, battery, battery box, i could see where the breakline is attached. At this time, it is dificult for me to reach the banjo bolt. I am...
  8. Indian Motorcycle Tech Q & A
    does anyone know what length brake and clutch cables I need to install the 10” ape hangers on a 2018 Scout Bobber ABS? All i can find is “stock is not long enough” and the local dealer is not being helpful. I am no mechanic but I feel like this should not be an overly complex problem to overcome.
  9. Indian Scout
    Hi guys, I'm new by this roads ;) I need your advice: 5 years ago I had to sell my Triumph Tiger 1050, new kids, no time, 6 months of dust on her. Now the kids are bigger, I'm still his driver, but I have a little of life now and I want, no, I need back to ride again. When I saw the Indian...
  10. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    3 times now, after my 2014 Indian Chief Vintage has been parked in a parking lot or driveway for an hour, when I come back and take off slowly before I enter the street, my front brake lever is locked out solid. So solid I cannot move it at all. Like is was welded. I think it is the ABS. maybe...
  11. Indian Scout
    Let's hear from members that have recently purchased the new 2016 Indian Scout models with factory ABS brakes and what their opinion is of the braking power and safety aspects. Under what conditions did you have to apply your brakes heavily to safely stop?
  12. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I had the unexpected chance to test the abs last night pulling into a gas station in El Paso Texas. I was making a left turn into the gas station at night, turn signal on and some idiot in a cage comes flying out of the gas station just as I was turning in to it. Nailed my brakes and quickly...
1-12 of 12 Results