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  1. Indian Scout Guides and How-To's
    This is really only for the 2018 model year Scout owners that were not blessed with a speedometer housing with the factory provided hole for the USB port that Indian added for the 2019+ Scout (non-Sixty models). This is because 2018 models came with the wiring harness addition for the USB port...
  2. Indian Scout
    I’m attempting to install the usb retrofit kit on my 2018 scout. I’m having a couple of problems with connectors. I have removed the headlight and now I’m trying to disconnect the speedometer. The only connector is a rectangular gray plastic piece with all the wires running to it. I have pulled...
  3. Indian Scout
    Anyone else have a problem with their 2018 Scout ABS brakes? My rear brakes failed on a 6 month old bike. Cylinder leaked and pedal stayed floored. Not the level of quality I was expecting when I made my purchase. . .
1-3 of 4 Results