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  1. Indian Scout Sixty
    My black beauty arrived a couple of days ago and the first thing I had to do was capture her beauty for posterity. I have to thank this forum and it's many threads for guiding me in making an informed decision. I'm completely besotted with her and can not wait to create wonderful memories. Say...
  2. Indian Scout
    I have a 2019 Scout (not the Bobber) and decided I needed to do something about the crap standard seat before the start of this riding season. The main issue for me was a lot of pain across my lower back a few inches above my tailbone. After no more than an hour I was really hurting and rest...
  3. Indian Scout
    I’m currently on the hunt for the bracket and seat closeout that come with the 1920 Seat kit. Scored a 1920 saddle off of eBay but it came without the bracket to mount the closeout. The closeout itself ended up being cracked. Polaris doesn’t sell the bracket and closeout specific to the regular...
  4. Indian Scout
    Hello all...does anyone have any info or experience with the 1920 Solo Seat? I love the look and am thinking of adding it to my 2019 Bobber. Thanks in advance for any insights. vr Ron
  5. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion
    I absolutely love the look of the 1920s seats for the scout lineup however they currently only offer black and tan and neither go with the dark brown passenger seat on the bobber. Seeing as the lady likes to ride with me and i dont want to have mismatched leatherd, Im just waiting for a dark...
  6. Indian Scout Sixty
    I've been searching high, and low for anything online that can tell me the max rider weight limit on the saddle. Couldn't find anything. I finally called Indian, and asked, and after getting 2 emails in response answer entirely different questions, I still have no answer from them. I don't know...
1-6 of 6 Results