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  1. Indian Scout Sixty
    Added a custom size and design Leatherworks 102 Large Rectangular Tool Bag bag for my Chrome National Cycle Solo Luggage Rack: 102 Large Rectangular Tool Bag Other Bags from Leatherworks on my bike are: 105 Slim Retro Slight Angle Saddlebag 101 Leather Tool Bag Here is a photo with all my bags...
  2. Indian Scout Sixty
    Leatherworks quality is amazing. 101 Leather Tool Bag GREAT products and INCREDIBLE customer service.
  3. Indian Scout Sixty
    Inspired by others on the regular Scout thread, I finally got round to making and fitting a mudflap today. I made a template from paper, and used that to cut the shape from a sheet of neoprene rubber. I was amazed at how easily the front fender came off with just four bolts - much easier than...
1-8 of 8 Results