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Chief Bobber Dark Horse
Smoke Black
GOLUM came to me broken in and well maintained, with 1,374 miles on the clock, on 📆 17 July 2022 via Michael Murray at Smokey Mountain Iron Horses.

GOLUM was on a consignment sale 🧮 from/for Mitch who helps source vehicles at auction and otherwise for Smokey Mountain Indian.🌄

He had bought GOLUM brand new, on order, exactly 1 year to the day prior; Mitch hadn’t named him. The three of us continue to agree that this at-the-time yet unnamed stallion was a bad-ass scooter. Correct. 👹

It was Mitch’s town scoot as he’s got a stable of ponies. Sounds plausible enough and the bike is, how the Canadians would say 👨🏻‍🍳🤌🏻 a dream. Mike and Mitch have both been stand up guys and more than helpful during and after the sale. 🤝🏻

Smokey Mtn. Indian 🏔 did the 500 mile service, the Stage 1 & Stage 2 work. 👊🏻
Mitch also managed to have the Catalytic Converter gutted - I’m not sure where. 🏴‍☠️

This is the story of GOLUM, and since you’re reading it, I’ll cut it to you straight. 😐

I laid this poor horse down week 1. 🥴

Teachable moment. 🫠

Pro tip💡 all you new riders, if you’re going under 5mph and the handlebars are turned, the bike is going to fall. 👏🏻 🫡

Luckily for GOLUM, I have a guardian angel or two. Or three. 🧞‍♀️ 🧞‍♂️ 🧞 Anyways, on a left turn, I ever so slowly and lovingly - on his right side — dropped the hero of our story: the recently inherited as yet unnamed 700lb stallion. 🐓

It was on a street with a high center and decent pitch toward a medium rounded curb. It was the street in front of my garage. There was no traffic. 👏🏻 🤡

You see, I had just had this amazing ride. I was King Kong. “I can ride this monster,” “I have tamed it,” “look at me go.” 🪜

And so, GOLUM and I get back from this amazing ride and I’m thinking “ok, boy, just right on up here and … Yep, nope. ☠

Anyways, the guardian angel part 🧞‍♂️ : I’m standing. Not even an exhaust burn or scratch on me. Lets be real though, what about the bike? You’re not thinking about me here, you’re thinking about GOLUM, and I was too. 💀

Handlebars are up, I’m still holding them. “Is the bike floating?” 🙀 No ground contact on the bars, tank, motor…frame..? No.. ok…

No, unfortunately though, my guardian angel was not holding my bike up in the air floating while I got my proverbial stuff 💩 together.

🤔 He’s not floating…GOLUM is balancing on the the bottom slip-on and the front peg… I say balancing… he was planted, but very gracefully. 👼

🫣 There was 1” x 2” cosmetic damage on the finish of the bottom slip-on. But, it was on the underside, and really not that bad at all in hindsight. But yeah GOLUM was pissed.

The stainless part of the right peg intended to make road contact had a slight blemish. Mitch had kept GOLUM’s stirrups blemish-free. 🥸

That was about the best outcome possible, for the price of learning this mistake. 🫠 🧞‍♂️

For what little sleep I get, I am up early 🌚 the following day with GOLUM and checking again before breakfast. yep, that is the only damage. Ok, not so bad. I mean, I think at the time I was pretty upset, GOLUM too, but… 🤡

So, now you’re probably feeling pretty sorry for GOLUM and you’re thinking, “what would any self respecting man to do in this situation?” 💭

No the answer is not “give me your Chief.” Obviously you’re thinking “on a 2022 116 Chief, I would take a Sharpie marker to it.” 🖍 👀

And yeah, that would be the correct call. So I knocked that out real quick. 🛠 🧠

and then about 7 minutes ⏲ later after we did that, GOLUM and I sauntered over to Indian Daytona where Joe slipped on a new slip-on, on for the horse. Could I have done it myself? 👨🏻‍🔧 I had to go pick it up it anyways and it took Joe like ?20m tops; support your local professionals… 🇺🇸

Now, there’s labor costs and parts costs though, am I right? 🎙 On Daytona Indian, 😐 🤹🏻‍♂️ It’s expensive, - just ask them to price match Indian website everything is marked up even from there, they’re not the friendliest bunch - some more, some less - but they’re honest and do a good job.

Back to GOLUM 🐉,
While I’m at Indian getting the new slip-on, I also say words to the effect of: “yesh, let’s go ahead and add those Chinese made, Indian branded (and priced) highway bars too.” That’s a good 28 minute margin… 🫠

But, nothing is damaged. Nothing is scratched or blemished. Bike is good as new. A handshake and work appreciated. 🤝🏻 It was all quoted prior to the work. 📠

But wait: “Oh what’s that check engine light?” I - much too loudly 🗣 - ask. …On this beautiful bike this idiot just dropped? 👀 If I’m not mistaken, I heard someone standing behind me… their eyeball actually dropped onto the floor it had rolled back so far in his head. 👌🏻
“Oh that’s the tip sensor, it’ll go away, all good, have a nice ride.” ✋🏻
And Zoom GOLUM is galloping, gone back on the ocean road 🌊 🌬 😎

In absolutely full gear at high noon. It’s like 110+? Am I going to have a heat stroke? “Look through the corners…” “I need to try that other helmet 🪖…”

In August of 2022, GOLUM got some new levers; the PSR Anthem adjustable levers for the Indian Springfield. I adjusted the mini ape hangers and lever positions. Shoutout to YouTube. 🦍

The clutch microswitch was either already damaged, or more likely my lever install was not without casualties. Back to Indian Daytona for a microswitch. Hats off and my thanks to the team, especially Jeff, for phone support ☎ in my garage. 🔧 And off we galloped again.

But now, I’m out enjoying my the levers here …and oh look wow a new microswitch …listen to it click! …and there… a big red oil light?… huh? 1.?K miles?? 😳

So down the rabbit hole I went chasing a oil pressure light that was intermittent and only once I “shut the bike off.” 👻
Let’s do an oil change? Why not? The Indian 111 kit for my 116? 6 Qt vs 5.5? Ah yes, the forums have this debate! I must now be closer to a real Indian rider. 😎 …I have changed GOLUMs oil and the light is gone! Or, wait- there it is again? 😑

OK so another not so obvious lesson about GOLUM and other modern Indians. If you use the engine cut off switch, it will show a low oil pressure light. This is when the power is still running but not the motor- with the motor having been run prior. 👏🏻 there’s nothing wrong, win. Bike is perfect. I can say I know what oil it’s running and that it’s put together to spec. 🚦

well here I am riding down the open road.. at this point the powers of GOLUM have now transformed me into a Demi-God among men… 👺 but my flat ass is about to slide right off this here beautiful saddle.

So off we ride to the Corbin saddle shop here in FL. “It’s adjustable?” “Different options” “In stock here right now?” “Matching stitching…Look at that…”
GOLUM nudges me toward the passenger pillion - yep guess we need that too - and off we ride 🐎

September of 22.

Thanks to the forums here, I picked up some nice cosmetics at, JESCustoms, and Combustion Industries. 🤩 GOLUM is still waiting on his FL tags to come in.

For my birthday, I asked the Daytona Ocala to install the Lloyd’s tune, Lloyd’s 116 air intake cover plate, the Pathfinder S light kit, and the powder black aluminum billeted Indian floorboards with powder black forward controls. Hats off to the Ocala Indian team and Jeff at Daytona Indian for tracking down parts as part of this trip. 👊🏻

We talked about the future for GOLUM- and so I’m working with the Ocala team and Lloyd’s to see about a 126 kit and install. ☝🏻 Josh at Ocala is top notch, and a master Indian tech. 👨🏻‍🔧

Likewise, I’ve put in the order with Champion sidecar for an Avenger. They said they would add eye bolts for my doggie. Planning to have Ocala Indian do that install as well. 🤝🏻

Pablo “Puplo Escobar”, my Cane Corso, is about 5 months old now and we’re acclimating the the bike. He will be my riding buddy, 🤞🏻

I also talked to Karrie at Mother Road Customs, a family shop out of St. Louis. They’re willing to work with me on re-finishing my Corbin seat and backrest with some of their designs, as well as rework the sidecar leather and seat to fit this big boy. 👍🏻 They’re waiting on either buying a Chief or having a customer donate one for a bit for measurements and etc. for the brackets. I’ll ride up to St Louis after the build is done.

More to come with new photos. Thanks for reading.


Stage 2 Indian Cams
Corbin Solo Saddle
Corbin Backrest
Indian Solo-Rack Item # 2884672-156
Willie & Max Black Jack Toolbag
Willie & Max Black Jack Swing Arm Saddlebag
Stage 1 Indian Filter, Stage 1 Indian Slip-Ons and Tips


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