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      I call BS on the warranty excuse, the dealer I was at yesterday has 19's with the first 5 services included with the price. Also he is telling you that you have to bring your bike in for warranty service or it's void. Does that mean all of us that do our own work are screwed? I do not believe that to be true.
      If you are talking about oil changes for warranty...the Dealership in incorrect as to void warranty...
      there is a federal law that prevents this very thing...
      i will apply link or copy of the law...

      excerpt from the link
      You don’t have to use the dealer for repairs or maintenance to keep your warranty in effect. In fact, it’s illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage simply because you had routine maintenance or repairs done by someone else. That said, the dealer or manufacturer can make you use select repair facilities if the work is done for free under the warranty.
      As long as an oil meets the oil specification the warranty can not be denied

      Here's the link

      I use the only 100% synthetic oils on the market, in all my vehicles and equipment. You've heard the terms , Synthetic, Semi Synthetic, Full Synthetic...but only 1 company has 100% synthetic...
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      Any thoughts on using 10W-60 oil? What brand of NON Indian 15W-60 synthetic oil are local retailers selling? And while I have a few Chally owners attention, what are you guys paying for first/500-mile service? I tried to get my dealer to throw that in as part of the "deal" and he said he couldn't do it. Has to show that it was done and charged/paid for to maintain warranty protection. My dealer gave me a cost of $360.00 for oil/filer, adjust clutch and whatever else is on the dealers list of "checking the bike out". I thought that was a little steep......but heck spread out over the first 24 months of warranty coverage, I guess that's only $15/ I'll be doing my own lube, oil, filter after the first service. Thanks for your input. Love this forum; a lot of guys with a clue!!

      If you are looking for better pricing and get high quality oil that offers Greater protection check AMSOIL 15w-60 Oil. An option to register as an AMSOIL preferred customer for better prices.
      here"s the Link for the info on the oil...Copy and Paste

      Here's the link to Preferred Cusotmer pricing

      Also for all your lubrication and filtration needs, here's the link to all the motor oils and etc
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      I’ve used this source when it comes to questions about oil and how they all fair. This site has Some good information on how well lubricants perform. A Review of Mineral and Synthetic Base Oils - Bob is the Oil Guy

      My personal preference is Amsoil. I’ve used it since 1975 & specifically in front & rear differentials. Never a mechanical failure. Of course changing lubricants is more important than most anything. Amsoil has an excellent alternative for the Scout & other bikes. The price is a bit high but it can be had for a lot less than on the site.
      15W-60 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil

      plan to change oil in my Scout Bobber every 3-4k but that’s just me. Never over 5k. Car manufacturers recommend on average 7500-10k. The reason I’m using a duff schedule is the gear box is not a separate component.

      Of course everyone is free to do as they please. Remember, it’s only money.

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