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      Indian has come out with a trunk mounted relocation kit for the stock antenna (2889596). Not surprisingly it requires a new liner (2889606). When I first heard of this I checked it out and there were no instructions to look at beforehand. They are there now. I'm really thinking of getting this but then I had a thought.....what about a cover? Is the antenna movable to a horizontal position?

      The instructions aren't clear on that aspect. I'm thinking worst case I could do one of two things. One, just unscrew the antenna before putting the cover on or two, make a hole in the cover and use a metal grommet to neaten it up.

      Indian says it is not compatible with the following covers: 2884460, 2883889, and 2884459. Two of those covers are for the Challenger and the other is universal. I would think though, that any cover on the trunk would be 'incompatible' with the antenna being on the trunk.

      Indian isn't saying anything about reception but I would doubt any improvement in that.

      Trunk Trunk Mounted Antenna | Indian Motorcycle
      Liner Search | Indian Motorcycle
      I had dual trunk mounted antennas on a previous bike.Pain in the a$$ to live with.
      I am thinking of adding this unit or one like it and get rid of that funky muffler bracket mount and long cable.These fit in the fairing and out of site.Installs right at the radio.Pretty cool.Sorry to hijack the thread but I think this is good info for a few of us.
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      2022 Springfield 111 Black & Tan
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